Friday, June 26, 2015

25 June

Susan and I went to Sinton Pond to try to do some fishing. It turns out the fish weren't very big as you'll see in one of the pictures further down. During our time there I went for a walk around the pond and decided to capture a few images. Many do happen to be flowers.

All of the fish in the image are about four inches long. Yes, they were definitely biting but not much for eating. Did my best to catch, and release.

I thought this frame was rather scenic.

This bench looked quite forlorn. It was located on part of the trail extending around the eastern end of the pond.

This just looked interesting to me. I'm not sure what it was for but I think it dates back to the time when the area around the pond was a cow pasture.

All in all, I think I managed to captured a few very nice images while at the pond. I hope that enjoyed them as much as I did shooting them.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Helen Hunt Falls 18 June

When we got together Susan, and I, realized we have a limited amount of time to experience some things together. I'm 50 now, and Susan has a few years on me. The time is coming we will have to rely on our memories.  Life is meant to be experienced, to be lived at its fullest. The two of us know this, and we're doing it.
Susan and I had decided to have a picnic in North Cheyenne Canyon Park which is where Helen Hunt Falls is. We also did a bit of hike up above the falls. It was really cool. During our hike I brought my SLR with and decided to capture some images of which some I'm posting here. For those who don't know North Cheyenne Canyon Park is a city park.

Here is Helen Hunt Falls.

Where Susan is standing is a foot bridge that extends over the top of the falls.

Of course I had to photograph her again. She is the love of my life after all.

This was shot on the trail that goes past the upper falls. I've loved this particular frame so much I've shot it a few times and one from a previous shoot is on the cover of Journey Into Renewal.

We decided to go further up the trail and a little something caught my eye on the way.

This is what caught my eye. Apparently the rapids was hitting a boulder which created a jet. 

This is part of the upper trail.

More of the creek. Water fascinates me, and it always has. Especially rapids.

This is Colorado Springs from the highest point on the trail.

Up at the top there is this rock wall. In one place there's a square hole. A bird made a nest in it and of course I had to photograph it.

Here is a shot of another part of the creek that I did at two different shutter speeds. The second one is really cool with the way the water flows.

Here I did the same thing on another stretch of creek. 

Coming back down later we had our picnic. It was pretty good, the water was nearby, and the last two shots were the result. Then we drove to another spot where we started shooting the rocks of the canyon. During this bit of shooting we photographed each other from across the road.

Of course here's her smiling face one more time.

Whatever you do get out and try to enjoy this life. We are.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Porch roof

   I've been a little hampered now and then because of the rain we've been getting. It's been much more than what we would normally get. Just the last couple of days I'm finally getting a break so I'm working on the house again. Earlier today I got the last of the touching up done on the house paint and it looks good.
   One project that I didn't have completed previously was roofing the porch. Money was a serious issue. Now, not so much. I was finally able to get some roll roofing, and tar paper. Considering the rain started in heavy tonight once more I was very glad to have completed this project finally.
   I carried the roll of roofing, and of tar paper home on my motorcycle. It was throwing off the balance a bit and wondered a couple of times if I was going to lose control and I'd lay down the bike.

Soon I need to seal the houses roof too. 

My purple irises came into bloom. They're lovely little things, and sure brighten up the garden.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


My girlfriend makes a lot of different jewelry. She wanted to try to sell some of it and I'm going to try to help her do it. Toward that end I set up an Etsy store with her items.

Etsy only allows five images max. These are two I wasn't able to use therefore.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

End of an era

In the coming weeks I'll be good and busy. It's been decided by Susan, and I, that I'll be moving with her. As a result I'll be getting my house ready to sell.
So far I've compiled a long shopping list for Lowe's. I've also compiled quite a long list of things to do. In the coming weeks I'll be painting the house, and turning the second bedroom into a bedroom again.
It's almost like I'm reaching the end of an era. In some ways it's scary, and at the same time, it's quite exciting with many new opportunities.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shed insulation

I was given some blue styrofoam insulation over a year ago. Until recently I didn't really have much use for it so it's been sitting in my backyard the entire time. More recently I started parking my motorcycle in the shed. I'm able to run the heater when necessary when it's cold out like when I need to do an oil change which I have to do often on my Chinese built motorcycle. I'm also thinking it'll be a little more comfortable in the shed when it's hot out.

So you can get a little better look at how I'm doing it here are two photos of the project. Dabs of construction adhesive will help keep the panels up long term.

I do realize it isn't very pretty but this is a shed after all, not a living space. What's nice is I'm getting rid of most the leaks at the same time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 20

I've wanted to finish painting the house but haven't been able to because of rain. We've had quite a lot lately and that looks to continue for the next week. At least the garden is getting plenty of moisture which is good. Soon I should have plenty of pictures of my flowers. I should even have some nice tomatoes for cooking. There's nothing like the taste of fresh tomatoes you just picked off the plant.
One of the hobbies I've wanted to get back into again is photography. Toward that end I've been shooting some with my new camera phone, and I have a new SLR type digital camera with gobs of focal range on the way. I'll be able to do a good job of capturing some of this years memories for Susan and I.
This should make for an interesting summer. Susan and I are beginning to have a lot of plans. I'm actually quite glad I met her, and that she's part of my life now. I'm thinking I got very lucky :-)