Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sand Creek

If you're interested in history at all there was a massacre that happened on Sand Creek. It happened before the state became a state. At that time there wasn't a city. Where the creek is at now was open country.
The creek happens to flow through part of Colorado Springs. Many days I happen to drive by it on my way to work. My first frame wasn't all that interesting. Not bad, but not that interesting either.

Then I started noticing the rocks that have been inset and the water flows around them. Definitely a bit more interesting.

Still, it wasn't interesting enough. So, I got closer and began to study the water. The way it moved, the shadows, the ripples. Now, it was interesting. This is the image I uploaded to View Bug.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Garden of the Gods park 10/5

I finally got a set of filters for my Fuji and I've been steadily using them since. It's a really nice set with three neutral density filters, a circular polarizer, and a ultra violet. With the filters I'm able to expand the range the camera can do. 
   One place I've been wanting to visit again is Garden of the Gods Park since I haven't been there for several years. It's a rather large park on the west side of the city that has these fantastic rock outcroppings and can make for some interesting images. I probably would have shot more images but it was chilly. About 45F I think. Still, I can't wait to get some snow images which are coming up.

I've shot this particular scene a few before but was wanting to reshoot it with the Fuji. Each time I get the composition slightly different. 

This one was just an experiment. I was trying to get more used to working with the circular polarizer. It's nice how the circular polarizer pulls out the blue of the sky. Luckily I bracketed this image so I could layer one frame over the bottom one and get greater range in the resulting image.

This is the horseback trail on the west side of the park.

I should have bracketed two frames for this image so I could have pulled out the trees better.

This image I shot on the fourth and I think is the first image where I used all three ND's, the CPL, and the UV filters for one frame. I was very pleased with the results.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Calm Within

Today I heard a wonderful new age album that's due out next month. The publisher gave me a copy to check out. It's "Calm Within" by Laura Sullivan. It really is quite relaxing and I'll be able to utilize it during my yoga, and meditation, sessions when I start them up again. 
   As I listened to it while I was at work I can easily see why she's gotten at least one grammy. It'll be available on Amazon and on iTunes. If you like New Age music this is definitely worth a listen to.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


This morning I had two more teeth pulled. It's just a matter of time until all of my teeth are out. Anyway, they told me at the dentist that I needed to wait about 15 minutes before taking out the gauze. I decided to shoot a few frames at a park nearby, and here are the results. I used to live about half a mile from this park, and it isn't too far from where I'm working. 
I've walked across this bridge many times.

 This is taken a short ways upstream from the foot bridge. The stream is Fountain Creek.

This creek feeds into Fountain Creek. The bridge is Mark Dabling Road.

 This bridge has always fascinated me. To the right is a trail that leads from the park to Centennial Blvd. and Garden of the Gods Road.

I'm now going to lie down. My head is a bit woozy from the Novacain they used when they were deadening my lower jaw.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pueblo Reservoir 10-8

   On the 8th we went down to the Pueblo Reservoir. We did some fishing and I, of course, captured a few images with the Fuji. 
   This is a breakwater made out of old tires. The curves, the bit of island, and water was rather interesting to me.

I decided to try to get one of the various birds and this lovely female Mallard obliged me nicely.

   The ripples was very interesting and caught my eye. This part of the lake is a no wake part. Basically, if you have a boat, you have to go very slow so you aren't causing waves. Any that do occur therefore are most likely from the breezes actions on the water.

This was later in the day as the sun got lower and all of these wonderful reflections began showing up. The bit of breeze slowed too.

This shot just appeared idyllic to me. I had to capture it.

Soon, we will be heading down to Pueblo again. I'm wanting to photograph the river walk downtown. I think we'll visit the Pueblo Zoo also.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


This has been a big change in my life, and it's the reason why I don't have any photography to post on the blog. Recently I listed my house and it sold rather quickly. One of the main reasons for that is the house is furnished. The washer, dryer, kitchen table, bed, etc. all went with the house. I figured the ad would generate more interest, and it did.
   Today I should be getting the payment for the house and sign over the title. Then I get to pay down a bunch of debt, some of it accrued while preparing the house for sale. It's like I've reached the end of an era.
   Next week, I believe we're headed down to the Pueblo reservoir. On the way I'm going to try to go to the riverwalk in downtown Pueblo where I'm planning on shooting a few frames. I've been wanting to go there a long time and it should make for some good shots. 
   This last summer has been amazing for me. I've rediscovered love. Susan has been wonderful and I'm glad I've met her. I also got my driving privileges back, and a car which happens to be a minivan. During all of that I managed to pick up a camera again. So, while part of my life has come to an end I've also started on new beginnings. I guess that's one of the points of life. Every time you reach an ending you also reach a new beginning.
   There are times I do miss writing a bit. Other times I don't. It's now almost eleven months since I spent most of my time away from work stuck in the room I'd set up as an office. I can tell you I won't make that particular mistake again. For too long I let life pass me by.

Friday, September 25, 2015

9-24 Cripple Creek

On the 24th we went up to Cripple Creek to look at the fall colors. In the high country the aspens are in full change. We did a little gambling too BTW. I actually made enough off the casino to pay for our lunch.

I thought the way the sap hung looked cool on these spruce cones. 

This was just outside of a Cripple Creek museum. 

This decrepit house was across the street from the casino. It looks so forlorn there.

We drove around Cripple Creek a little more and I found a couple of other decrepit pieces of history. 

Hopefully we'll be able to get out a bit on next Thursday, or Friday. I sold my house and therefore have to move everything. That might take precedence therefore.