Saturday, July 23, 2016

Shooks Run

The site of the earliest dairy in Colorado Springs was Shooks Run. Since then the dairy moved and some of the pasture property has been turned into a city park. It's not really the most photogenic of places. The last time I made any photographs of it was about a decade ago.
The stream is Shooks Run and the culvert runs underneath Willamette Ave. Personally it's my favorite image of the day. About a block away from where this image is captured the entire stream runs under the downtown area. I'm not sure where it comes out to join up with Fountain Creek.

On these blocks is where I was standing to get the first image.

This little footbridge crosses Shooks Run about a block from the culvert.

These two are about a block away from the culvert.

This was captured in the vicinity of the last three images.

A future shoot I have planned is Seven Bridges trail again. My MIL really likes the images I made there. I've presently ordered several 11 x 14's that we'll be hanging in her room at the nursing home.
Until next time have a great day.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Storm clouds

I always try to find various photo opportunities wherever I am. Sometimes I'll just study compositions and don't take any photographs. There are other times I'll even pull out my cell phone to practice composition. A few of those are actually pretty good. There are times I'll also pull out my Fuji. 
On the 19th Susan was in her match and walked over to an adjoining open field. I was wanting to get some of the wildflowers. There was too much wind however from the coming storm and the flowers kept moving around too much to capture a reasonable image. So, I started studying the storm clouds around the area. They were dark, and foreboding. In one part of the sky there was lightning. However there was a little too much clutter from the strip mall and power lines for my taste in that direction.
The two images I did end up uploading I also included links for. The third, and fourth, images had buildings I felt cluttered up the image a bit so I didn't choose those. I chose the second one over the first one because the clouds seemed to frame Pikes Peak a little better.
Well, I hope you enjoy. Here are the images.

I'll soon be posting my Shooks Run shoot images.
Have a great day.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Helen Hunt Falls.

One of my favorite places to shoot is North Canyon which happens to be a city park. It's rugged, there are trees everywhere, and there are great photogenic streams. From the park, and through it, there are also several trails.
Today, we went to the park, and I wanted to get Helen Hunt Falls. I figured it wouldn't take too long especially since it was due to rain. Too long I guess is a relative term. Most of my photography is done on full manual mode, and utilizing a tripod which takes longer. I get better compositions however so it's worth it. 
I'll stand there a few moments and just gaze at the scene. I'm watching the interplay of light and shadow while over the top of the camera body. Many times I'll move the tripod a few times before I even turn on the camera and subsequently hit the shutter button. This time I was bracketing using my ND filter set which adds anywhere from 1 to 6 f/stops to the exposure.
I would have probably shot more but it started raining pretty hard as of the bottom image. It doesn't take much for a flash flood to happen when it's raining. After today I'll finally have to start using a different tripod. My Vivitar finally died after having it for about ten years. It stayed stuck open and wouldn't close up.
I know you wanted to see the photography so here it is. The first image was Susan's favorite.

When I can upload on Monday I'll get them up on Viewbug.
That's it for now, have a great.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sand Creek

It's amazing the things you drive by every day and you don't pay attention to them in the least. This is Sand Creek near the Fountain Blvd bridge. I stopped about 7 am to photograph it. I've been watching it for weeks as I've driven by.
This first one there is a set of footprints to the right of the stream. I've also included a close up of the prints.

Enjoy your day. Until next time...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Garden of the Gods Park

Here in Colorado Springs we have this rather large park. It has lofty spires made of sand stones. It's quite an amazing natural wonder. Susan, and I, went there today so she could do some walking, and I could do some photography.
The center part of the park has a very nice paved pathway. Nicely enough just about all of it is fairly level. If you're wanting a bit more strenuous there are some more difficult trails like the horseback trail on the west side of the park. And if you want to get extremely strenuous you can get climbing permits. Twenty years ago those would have definitely interested me but that time has passed.
Without further ado here is most of the usable images that I managed to capture.

Have a great day and try to enjoy life a little.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I have free account with Viewbug. My uploads are limited there to ten per week. To do more I'd have to get a paid account. This helps me to be rather selective on photographing images to begin with. Most of the time I carefully look at the composition several times before I push the shutter button. I might move the tripod half a dozen times.
It's helped me to become a better photographer than I would have been otherwise. I'd prefer not having to go through a large amount of images to begin with. There are other times however, like last night, I have to not be so selective. There's a shutter lag at times so I have to keep on shooting.
On the images I'm posting here on the blog not all made the cut. Last night I shot 95 frames altogether. Well over three quarters were pretty much unusable. Most of the time I didn't prognosticate the shutter lag appropriately. I'd end up with no image whatsoever except for the black night sky.

I hope you had a great 4th. I sure did, and was able to capture a few images. Later in the evening I even lit a few firecrackers, roman candles, and camelia flowers.
Whatever you do today try to enjoy your life. There's so much negativity in the world. There is also a huge amount of sensationalizing of just about everything. Most of it doesn't actually directly affect us.
Have a great day today.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Downtown train station

In downtown Colorado Springs the old train station still exists. Presently it seems to be some kind of convention center. This morning I decided to photograph it, and some scenes around it. I've went there to photograph it before, just not with the Fuji SLR like I have now. Also not with the way I see things now.
If you were expecting fireworks images. Sorry. Didn't take any as of yet.
I've included the links to where they are posted on Viewbug.
Here are the train tracks behind the station.

The cupola was interesting to me. I tried it from the back side, and from the front side. I liked the front side better because of the lighting.

This is one of the benches out front of the train station.

They placed one of the switches on display out front of the station.

On my way to work I stopped by a park. The slides have always looked pretty cool.

This is pretty close to work. Where the trail is at used to be train tracks a long time ago. They were removed and now where they were is part of a city wide bike trail.

Tonight we probably will go see a few fireworks go off. I'll photograph them and post them if we do.
Have a great day and enjoy your 4th of July.