Saturday, June 16, 2012


It's amazing when I look at what I've written and what I'm starting to write now. They are actually totally different things. It's almost like a different person is writing each and in some ways that is true.

Thankfully, I went through some experimentation with my writing and pushed the limits. It's taught me a lot of what I'm capable of as an author. Now I'm discovering the wonderful world of fiction and the world of my characters.

Late last year I couldn't have foreseen what and how that I am writing now. I don't think anyone could have seen it then.

A main theme in what I'm writing now is change. A character changes their entire life and this is something that happened to me. It's something I realized that I could bring into a story.
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Free this weekend

Confessions of a Porn Store Clerk is free this weekend. Just click the cover on the left to get your copy.
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Conflagrations Title Change

I of course mentioned here on the blog that I was going to be writing a book called "Conflagrations". After careful consideration I decided to change the name. It didn't fit that story line that I've come up with, a romance that's set in World War II. It was just in time also as I have now started to write it.

My cover designer just like a couple of other titles is Tammie Clarke Gibbs, incredibly gifted lady.

Here is the cover...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Conflagration idea

An idea that I began exploring lately is one called "Conflagration" and it is set in 1942.

What if you were separated from the one you love by a war? How would you keep in touch?

This idea fascinated me to no end and now I've started working on it. Images and an entire story line began to come together for me. I don't know quite how long it will take to write but I'm looking forward to finding out what happens.

I had been working on a different story idea but I guess the muse had something they want me working on instead.


This is another tiny little piece of the WWII story. 
To the South extended the desert, a flat plain dry and lifeless. Mountains raising up in the distance hazy in the 105 degree heat. Neil didn't want to get back into the tank again. It was even hotter than out here in the blazing Sun.

He readjusted the head covering he was wearing to block the Sun better. The beads of sweat were constantly annoying when they reached his eyes. Absent-mindedly he swiped his hand across to remove them.

Sergeant Williams called to him "we need to get moving Bennet".

"Yeah, yeah" Neil retorted "I'm coming".

He then picked up a rock and threw it out into the desert. As far as he was concerned 8th Army could kiss his ass. It's not like they really needed him in Tripoli anyways. So what if Rommel was there?

Walking back towards the tank he could see Private Benson was already in the drivers seat. That kid was in a bad place, he didn't deserve to be here. Poor kid was from some farm in Wisconsin until this stupid war happened.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


My Grandfather was in Tunisia in 1942 and he tripped a gas can during an air raid. He was offered a Purple Heart as a result which he turned down. Nonetheless, thinking about that incident led me to create this little piece which I may using in an upcoming book.

Smoke filled the air on the horizon. It's blackness blotting out the blue sky. Whiffs of burnt gasoline and metal filled Neil's nose.

The low brown hills to the south looked rather forlorn and desolate. In no way did they look anything like the hills back in Illinois. Part of a Messerschmit sticking up into the sky at the peak, fuselage burnt and blackened.

Off to the left he heard someone exclaim "what the hell are you doing".

Looking over to where the voice came from he could see a jack had slipped on the Jeep. The one under the vehicle was rather lucky in fact Neil could see. A little knob of dirt saved him from being crushed.

Neil began to walk over to see what he could do and then the Klaxion sounded. A voice cried out "Air raid, air raid".

Scanning the sky quickly to see where the airplane was he didn't see where he was going for a second. As he ran his foot caught on a gas can and he fell landing hard. His lip split open from its hitting a rock.

As he began to get up he could hear the plane but still couldn't tell where it was. Getting up to his feet Neil ran to the nearby Wadi and dove in. Just as he leap the plane came over the hills strewing bullets. Screams and cries greeted his ears even as he ducked down.

Explosions greeted his ears in the Wadi as he stayed hidden. Then the buzz of the airplane zipped by overhead and looped around. It then headed back towards the hills with it's black and white cross displayed.

Getting up from his hiding place Neil walked towards the vehicles. He got really sad when he noticed that one of the vehicles that was destroyed was the Jeep. A burning hulk left in it's place, a skull looking out from under the side.


I'm presently digging through the manuscript for Sea Witch doing some revising. Regardless of how well written initially it is a manuscript always will require some revision before a reader sees it. Soon, that process will be complete and I'll be releasing the entire story.

The characters that I've envisioned, felt, touched and communicated with will be available to everyone to experience for themselves.

You'll be meeting Timothy and Cherise in the book.

   She's dishy to say the least, she instantly captures his attention.

   He's been through major changes recently and is now living a new life.

You'll also find out what I mean by "enjoy your lizard".

Monday, June 11, 2012


(I was toying around with a little bit of a story)

Wind was running through my hair and I was feeling it on my skin. Sounds of the sails rustling and waves filling my ears. The sailboat and I becoming one on the ocean.

In the distance a whale breaches the surface. Landing in the water, a giant splash unheard by me. While lost in this moment of wind, wave, current and sky.

I look out into the distance to sight the land ahead. Beyond the edge of the horizon as I travel on.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sea Witch release

I'm planning on releasing The Sea Witch on July 1.

Heat up the summer more with this romance and Caribbean sailing adventure.

What would you do if something happened to make you decide to change your life completely?

Give me half a chance I'm taking my wife on such an adventure....

My review of Her Latin Lover by Katheryn Lane

My review for Her Latin Lover by Katheryn Lane.

Quite good

This is quite a good book that has an interesting plot starting out on a bet. Lot's of action for a guy to get into in this book. For romance lovers there's lots of chemistry also that goes on.

The boyfriend is an idiot, doesn't really know what he had when he left her in South America. I don't think he ever gets a clue either.

(Since I write romance yes I do read some of it, no I don't wear a skirt. Happily married in fact)