Saturday, July 13, 2013

Estelan cover reveal

Sometimes a book needs a face lift.  After some discussion with my incredibly talented cover artist we decided ESTELAN was in need of a little nip/tuck.  However, I had no idea that this procedure would result in something so magical.  There are not words to thank my dear friend, Barbara Ivie Green, for her amazing work on my new cover.  Her depiction of female warrior Kitin is better than anything I could have imagined and I cannot wait to see her larger than life on my banner at Fandom Fest at the end of the month.  For now, I am VERY pleased to present the new cover for ESTELAN featuring Kitin.

ESTELAN is available in ebook format where ebooks (AmazonBarnes&NobleSmashwordsSony) are sold and in paperback via Createspace Store and Amazon

Friday, July 12, 2013

Unstrung beta read

One of the things a lot of authors will do for each other is beta read a fellow author's book for them. You go through it and see what impressions you get, what works and what doesn't. That's usually done before the book is released to the public. It's also done before the last edits are complete, as a rule it's not the final version.

I just finished a beta read that impressed me. It was for a book called, "Unstrung." Thought the title was really intelligent and it definitely fit the story line which is the life and times of a guitarist with a rock group. Would think of the pseudo group as being similar to Def Leopard. One of the things that was interesting was it being completely written in first person point of view. It was one of the best I've seen actually. I really got to know what was making the guitarist tick because I was inside his head. Most book,

Now the book is intended as erotica. There was a lot of sex, as there should be in the genre. The sex wasn't overwhelming I didn't feel, and it added to the story line immensely. Basically, Rodney thinks with his dick at first which is what you would expect. Of course, a few other events that happens changes some of those thought processes.

I'm not sure on the release date since I'm not in charge of that but I'll update this post when I know.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I'd like to give my wife some kudos. She puts up with me through thick and thin. I also don't have too many pictures of her since she doesn't like to be photographed. As of this year we've been married for eight years. Can't think of anyone I would rather be with. I spend endless hours at this desk I am sitting at writing this post, she has most of the rest of the house to herself. At least she knows where to find me consistently.

This photo was taken in the office before we remodeled it. She was intently looking at something on her laptops screen when I got the shot.

This post has caused her to smile. So, I managed to capture this image moments ago. Doesn't she have a lovely smile?