Friday, June 5, 2015

Porch roof

   I've been a little hampered now and then because of the rain we've been getting. It's been much more than what we would normally get. Just the last couple of days I'm finally getting a break so I'm working on the house again. Earlier today I got the last of the touching up done on the house paint and it looks good.
   One project that I didn't have completed previously was roofing the porch. Money was a serious issue. Now, not so much. I was finally able to get some roll roofing, and tar paper. Considering the rain started in heavy tonight once more I was very glad to have completed this project finally.
   I carried the roll of roofing, and of tar paper home on my motorcycle. It was throwing off the balance a bit and wondered a couple of times if I was going to lose control and I'd lay down the bike.

Soon I need to seal the houses roof too. 

My purple irises came into bloom. They're lovely little things, and sure brighten up the garden.