Saturday, October 1, 2016

Crazy Horse day 2

We went back to the Crazyhorse monument on the morning of the 29th. Of course I captured some images while there. Some of these I think I will be uploading on Viewbug in the coming weeks.
Of these two I like the first one better than the second though I did a good job on both. If you have a preference please make a comment.

Here's Susan in front of the monument.

I decided to zoom in on the face a bit. One of the lenses I normally carry though I don't use much is my 75-300 mm zoom. For this image I took it out and used it.
I think this image is on my short list for Viewbug uploads.

The platform is poised on what will be the tip of the finger.

Here's the entire top of the monument.

Here are some of the surrounding trees and scenery. Quite lovely with the fall colors.

This is where the prospector that used to own the property used to live. Unfortunately for me I wasn't allowed to get closer.

That's it for the Crazy Horse monument. Our next stop was Mt Rushmore and I'll post pictures from it tomorrow. And I think the day after tomorrow will be the Deadwood, SD images.
Right now as I'm writing this I'm in Cheyenne, Wy. I'm thinking a bit later today we'll go to a museum downtown. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end so tomorrow morning I'll be back at work.
Have a great day and try to enjoy your life a bit.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Crazyhorse monument

We did make it to the Crazyhorse monument. Earlier in the day we checked into our room and since it wasn't dark yet we decided to run up to Mt. Rushmore. After driving a few miles we found out we were rather close to the Crazyhorse monument. So, we did have a little change of plans.
If you've come in too late to take the bus, which we were, you can get a revisiting pass which allows you one free access during the next three days. Tomorrow I should be posting more images from the next days visit.
Here is one of my first views of the monument itself.

Later, we were going through the museum and came to an observation deck. There's a model of what the finished monument is supposed to look like. I thought it would be cool to get the model, and the monument, in one image.

Susan in front of the model.

At night they do a laser show which we watched. Between sunset, and the laser show, they light up the mountain with colored lights. Of all things the colors are stronger on camera than they are with the naked eye. The lights seems to add an ethereal quality.

While walking through the museum this outfit caught my eye. Amazing workmanship.

We did go to Mt. Rushmore the next day too after we revisited the Crazyhorse monument. I'll have pictures to post from both over the next couple of days. Some of those are better than these in my opinion.
Have a great day and try to enjoy yourself.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Colby, Kansas 2

Here's some more images from our visit to the museum.

Today we are in Custer, SD. We'll be visiting the Crazyhorse Monument, and Mt Rushmore.
Have a great day and try to enjoy your life.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Colby, Kansas

We were in Colby, Kansas visiting one of our daughters, Angie. While at her house yesterday I helped build a gazebo, and helped with cleaning the backyard fish tank. For about an hour afterwards I stood watching the fish swim. It was nice.
Yesterday we also stopped at the Prairie Museum of Art and History. I'll probably be posting at least one more day of images from there. It was quite fascinating. There's a lot in the museum.
Here's Susan in front of one of the displays. A few weeks ago she'd was walking down the stairs and her ankle just gave away. There's a little fracture, and a whole bunch of muscle and tendon damage. To make life easier on our vacation we rented a wheelchair for the week. I also ordered a wheelchair but it wasn't going to be in in time. According to her doctor it may take up to a year for her ankle to heal.

I want this desk.

This image almost went up on Viewbug. The fish fascinated me and I seem to have gotten the composition well.

This blue glass image did make the cut for me.

Of course as I'm going through a camera display would definitely catch my eye. This is a particularly nice example of box camera. I think it uses 4 by 5 plates though I'm not positive. Next to it is a 120 roll film camera.

This image is up on Viewbug as a sepia tint black and white.

This is the camera that really brought photography to the masses back in the day. It used 120 roll film which was pretty standard. When you got one of these you'd shoot the entire roll, and send in the entire camera. Kodak would take out the film, process it, and send you back both the camera, negatives, and the resulting prints.
There were a few pros who were using these also, but not many. Though this camera did get many professional photographers started. The lenses aren't adjustable like they are my Canon. You also couldn't select your shutter speed.

When you used this camera you looked through the top lens. Your image was capture through the bottom. These normally used 120 roll film.

Two more 120 roll film cameras. Rather nice examples. This image I almost uploaded to Viewbug.

Tomorrow I'll upload a few more. It might take me a couple of days to get to the ones I'm going to be shooting at Mt Rushmore tomorrow.
Have a great day and try to enjoy your life a bit.