Saturday, October 29, 2016


One of the things I like capturing is reflections in water along with the subject. We were a little early for one of Susan's doctors appointments on Thursday. The weather was perfect and Prospect lake was nearby.
Happily, since there was no wind I began shooting a few frames with the Canadian geese. Out of those here are some of the better results. I'm thinking I'll use the first one on Viewbug.

This, I think, is probably the next best frame.

I'd like this one better if the goose hadn't been looking away from the camera.

Great reflections but unfortunately a bit too cluttered I think.

Not too bad. But, not exactly the best either.

I also managed to catch a little boy on one of the playground jungle gyms. He was kind of pensively standing there looking at his grandmother sitting at a picnic table who I also captured an image of. This shot will definitely be up on Viewbug.

In the next day I should be posting some I captured at Monument Lake.
Have a great day.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


One of the things I've been wanting to get is leaves moving. Especially leaves in water. The other day I got my opportunity in a stream along Highway 24.

I think this is the best of them. It is up on Viewbug.

This is I think a close second. It has a very surrealistic look.

 Of the area I shot the leaves this scene is what I seen first. I managed to capture it pretty well but I think it's a little over contrasty.

I zeroed in a little bit on part of the frame. This one I really like and it is up on Viewbug.

I refocused a bit on the water fall, and rapids. This one is a bit better I think and now that I'm looking at it again I'll probably be uploading it to Viewbug on Monday.

This is another one of the close ups of the rapids. I'll probably be uploading it to Viewbug on Monday too.

I think there's a few more frames available from the most recent Cripple Creek shoot. Much of the rest I've gotten up here on the blog.
For now have a great day. 
Life is meant to be experienced. 
Enjoy it. 
Revel in it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cripple Creek and Victor mine.

Along one of the roads from Cripple Creek to Victor there's this cool observation area where you can look into part of the mine that's there. You get to stand on the bed of one of the dump trucks they use in the mine. They are huge, I think three of my minivan could be parked side by side. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of it. The mine was my focus on this set of pictures.
Millions of years ago there was a huge volcano that went extinct. The present mine is in the center of that extinct volcano. Lot's of gold became infused in the rock surrounding the lava dome which has been mined for over 100 years. In the first picture you can see part of that lava dome.
I was going to do a panorama with the first three images. However, I can't easily do that with the computer, and the photo software, that I have available. Of course, my Canon SLR doesn't have that nice panorama setting the Fuji had.

The colors of the rock is quite beautiful in this image. I'll be uploading this one to Viewbug soon. All of the holes will be filled with explosives which will be set off. The rock will be taken away, and crushed. The gold within will be extracted.

This image I did upload to Viewbug. The rock is quite beautiful. Without the destruction of mining it wouldn't have every been seen.

This is a slightly wider angle of the same scene.

The next three images are rather blah I'll admit.

That's it for now. Have a great day.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Derelict mining equipment

On Thursday we were a little too early to check into the hotel. We drove through to Victor as a result. I wanted to get some preliminary images of mining equipment, or maybe the mines. The first two images are parts of what had been the Stratton Independence mine and I did upload those images to Viewbug.
You can see a line in the upper right corner. Apparently, when I was cleaning the camera body I had one of the brush fibers get caught in the focal plane shutter. Yesterday, I finally managed to get it out with a needle nose pliers.

At one place just outside of Victor, CO there's an accumulation of old mining equipment that's spread out over the mountainside. Kind of open air museum. I got to wander among all of the equipment while trying to see them in an artistic manner.
The old rock crushers, and mining cars was fascinating. Some of the equipment almost looked like what you would expect to see on a steam train.
I'm thinking the next image I'll be uploading to Viewbug. I like it.

This one is also a possibility for Viewbug.

I kind of like this one too.

Tomorrow I should be adding some more to the blog. Until then, have a great day.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Look through the past

One of the concepts I've started to develop is one of looking through a doorway, or a window of a derelict building, and capture an image. It's kind of like looking through the past. The first use of the concept I used on our last trip to Cripple Creek. This house, and it's all the same house is up on the mountainside above Cripple Creek.
No, I didn't go inside. That would be a good way to find out if the house had a basement, or not.
I posted a couple of these on Facebook. One of the responses was that they're a bit eerie. And, I guess they are though they really didn't strike me that way.
This is from the front door.

I really like this one. Probably my favorite of these.

Through both windows you can see the door to another derelict.

Nice view of the nearby forest.

I'll probably start posting some of the images from the mines tomorrow. Soon will be coming some of the mine equipment too. I really managed to capture a lot of great images while on this trip. It's really hard to pick the best ones.
Have a great day.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Stratton Mine Victor

This derelict mine is just outside of Victor. Back in the day a lot of gold came out of the mine which made Stratton a rich man. Now, all there is left is remnants of the past. Part of a chute in one place, a framework in another, and an empty derelict building that extends over the shaft which has usually been filled in.
This is likely to be one of the images I'll upload to Viewbug tomorrow. Apparently the chute in the fourth, and fifth images, extended across the present road.

Here's the main mine building. Below that tower is where the shaft would have been.

This is the first composition of this chute that extended down the mountainside.

After looking at the resulting image on the camera I decided to go for a slightly different composition which I like better. This one I'll probably be uploading to Viewbug.

So I can remember later what it is I photographed I'll normally capture an image of the associated historical marker or sign.

That's it for now. Have a great and try to enjoy your life.