Wednesday, July 30, 2014


    This year I am mostly growing flowers. There was some odd black cracks on the top of the tomatoes last year and it affected all three varieties. I figure it was something to do with the extensive herbicide use here. Last year I got some tomatoes for the first time. Round Up I think is bad stuff and I would never use it knowing now what I know. This year I'm growing mostly flowers as a result.

    In this section is where we'll be growing tomatoes again next year. I'm going to try bell peppers again also. 

    As you can see the blue wisteria is coming along well. Eventually it's supposed to reach a height of about eight feet and produce blue flowers. That can take up to ten years though. So are some of the morning glories. To the left is where the chamomile grew last year and I still have some of the dried flowers collected for tea.

This is the back garden. The Cosmos are coming in really well. They really add a bit of beauty to the place. Normally they attract a lot of bees but this year I'm not seeing any. I think some that live nearby had backyard hives so they could produce their own honey. It would make me very sad if CCD happened.

    Right now I'm looking at various drip irrigation systems for next year. There are a couple of them I really like so far. Water is going to be an even more serious issue in the future.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


   Before my gaze in silent repose lies fair Liguria. Her faded dress arrayed about her cold body. The ashen skin, closed eyes, and thin lips of her visage are all apparent to me. Drawn closer toward her the attraction is unmistakable. Yet, in my revulsion, I wish to flee. I cannot.
   Leaning in closer, my breath whisks her cheek. Her eyes flutter open and the darkened pools focus upon my own. Cold though it is, I must have her touch now. She smiles at me as fangs appear to my view. I allow her grasping arms to wrap around me and pull me closer.
   After only a moment the pain is over from her quick nip. My life is drawn into hers. We join together into our joyous union. The blood coursing between us.

    I wrote this out a few days ago. The idea just hit me and I'm not sure where it came from. At the same time I don't have a complete story.