Thursday, April 10, 2014

Home remodeling

So far the insulation seems to be a good thing to have done. It's amazing how much quieter the house is and the temp stays more constant now. The new LED lighting in the kitchen is working great. We used to have to tap the light over the table to get it to turn on, it was rather old.

Since all of what I've done has worked quite well I've been looking at the rest of the house and wondering what I could do to make improvements. There's a long list and can't quite get to all of it this year honestly.

I was given an additional line of credit by Citi and there's no interest for a year and a half. Should have the new card in my hand in the next couple of days and I'm going to be putting it to use. It has a nice credit line number so all the hard work on rebuilding my credit is finally paying off. Tomorrow the window company comes to the house and I'll be getting a quote for replacing several of the present windows.