Saturday, April 23, 2016

Workaholic (short story)

Yes, I'd done things like this in the past. I'm definitely not normal in some ways. This would be the first short story I've written in about a year and a half. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Three months ago it had happened.

  Justin had woke up to an empty house. Looking back he knew should have realized what was going to happen. Working two full time jobs had taken their toll on his marriage. Luckily they were common law married which made part of it a whole lot easier.

  Still, it pissed him off.

  He blamed her, and yet, deep down he knew a big amount of the reason was is that it was his own damned fault. Being too busy killed his relationship was a fact he was slowly becoming aware of.

  It didn’t take long to get tired of watching TV. Once again he was sitting on the sofa and stared at the blank screen that reflected his image back at him.

  “What the fuck do I do now?” he muttered to himself.

  His gaze moved to the open window. The open field captivated his attention. What is beyond it?

  Taking hold the idea grew stronger and he knew he wouldn’t be showing up at his job tonight. They’d have to without him permanently. So would his other job. With a couple thousand in the bank he could go a long ways.

  Knowing it was crazy he didn’t care. He’d leave today. Destination unknown.

  He walked to the bedroom, stopped a moment, and considered his decision a few moments.

  Yes, it was the right decision.

  He’d leave. Start over fresh. Opening the dresser drawers he pulled out a few clothes which he piled on the bed. An empty pillow case made a convenient piece of luggage easily carried.

  His jeans he grabbed out of the closet and laid over his left arm. He grabbed the pillow case with his left hand. As he reached for the doorknob on his way out he stopped and his eyes swept the apartment.

  There’s nothing you need here.

  He opened the door and walked out it. His thoughts drifted to driving down the interstate to somewhere without a plan.

  The End