Saturday, October 27, 2012


Recently, I did a bunch of equipment upgrades that should make life much easier.

This one is our new modem and router that's now in the hallway. We don't have to connect any wires now which is really nice :-)
I could even be in the back yard, bedroom, porch and still have access now.

Of course, there's the little Acer I carry just about everywhere. Here I have the wireless keyboard and mouse connected to it. The Acer has an HDMI output which I can connect to our TV. I wish the screen was as clear as an actual monitor but its not. You Tube looks great on it though. On the TV screen is my Confessions book trailer.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

America's Next Author contest

Recently I also submitted the short version of Witchery Afoot into the America's Next Contest. As of today its ranked at #214 which I'm very happy with. Right now there are 285 submissions in the contest. Though I would love your votes at a minimum I would love for you to read my story.

If you could share it with your friends I would appreciate it also.

Presently I'm about a third of the way through the first pass on rewriting the story into one that's longer. I'm expecting to work on it a few more weeks.

I hope your day is going well.

Update: Made it #197 out of 285 today, 26 October 2012, Woot! Woot!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Witchery Afoot

I'm presently working on a longer version of Witchery Afoot. I'm not sure how long it will be when I'm finished but it shouldn't take too long since I'm rewriting and adding more than anything. Usually I don't have a set word count predetermined when I start to work on a story. I can only tell you that it will be longer than the contest length piece with much of the same story line. Hopefully, everyone will like it that reads it.

The present story that is in the contest has attracted a lot of readers from all over the world. Over 1,000 have read it in fact. If you would like to see the basis for what I'm rewriting here is where you can find it:

The shorter version is also in The America's Next Author contest as of today. Please stop by and vote for the story.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Liturgy reviews

These reviews are pretty good I think and I'm enjoying reading through. I'm also learning from them so I can write even better stories in the future.

A shortstory that will haunt you! October 21, 2012
By Wanda
Format:Kindle Edition
I received a copy of this short story from the author for review.
Liturgy is a disturbing tale of horror masking it self in the everyday and normal.
That which is seen as normal is corrupted though and build upon,
and it is this entity that builds and feeds that makes mere humans cruel and unstable.
Holding in rage is never a good thing, but when something comes and feeds off of it,
builds it up in you, what are you able to do?
Read the story if you want to know.
This is a horror story so I would recommend you read it as long as you like the genre!
Do not read it if horror is not for you.

gem of a tale that will have you running! October 21, 2012
By HBurrows
Format:Kindle Edition
I received this book from the author for an honest review.

In a few pages the Author unfolds a story of demonic possession that feeds off of anger. Anger that does not show itself through normal action and living, but can come to the surface when fed by powers we can not control from a different realm. Yes this is a paranormal story, one of intrigue and mystery. The characters are average people living how many live today. But with the aide of a crystal can evil be personified? It can through possession. The Author shows us this.

Angel, learning to live after a stormy breakup, gets on with her life and finds a freedom that she doesn't realize she missed. But deep down an anger is lurking within herself that calls to a crystal that possesses a way for her to strike back at the one who hurt her. When Neil comes to demand forgiveness, Angel becomes something of nightmares to get him to leave her alone. With a climatic ending that will have you gasping for air, this tale is one that could continue at any time. I look forward to seeing where it turns up next!

An eery tale of demonic possession October 21, 2012
By Merita King
Format:Kindle Edition
This short story was given to me in exchange for an honest review.
This story takes you deep into the thought processes of the protagonist who finds a mysterious crystal that heralds the takeover of her consciousness from a demonic entity. The entity feeds upon her repressed anger, with horrific consequences for those closest to her. This is a story for horror lovers and you won't be disappointed. It is so plausible, it makes you wonder how easy it would be for this to actually happen.

Interesting, October 22, 2012
K. Meador - See all my reviews

This review is from: Liturgy (Kindle Edition)Liturgy is a well written, short story which grabs the interest of the reader from the beginning. The two main characters are defined from the start with exceptional detailing of the plot.

I would have liked to see more development in the couple's past history which would make the intense anger in the present more plausible and bring the reader to a more empathetic state.

In addition, I love the ending of the book and that is all I am going to say about that.

As a vision for the future, it is of my humble opinion, that this author could easily make this the first story in an anthology in regards to the plight of Liturgy.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Liturgy released!

It is always nice to come to the end of another story and this one is creepy and rather chilling. It's probably not the last horror story either as I already have ideas for more of them to come including some ideas for off shoots of Liturgy.

I should soon be completing the longer version of Witchery Afoot. I'm quite pleased with ending up in 2nd in the short version in Erika's short story contest. I was trying to include some romance elements in the longer version but it wasn't working for me. Somehow, chilling stories and romance just don't seem to go together.