Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Three Kitties That Saved My Life

AN UPLIFTING TRUE STORY OF LOVE - from love and loss to love renewed - a feel-good read

Losing loved ones is an awful fact of life; losing one's loving spouse, one's day-to-day partner through life, especially in the prime of life, is one of the most unbearable tolls that we humans are forced to endure. This is the true story of my journey from grieving widower, not caring if I lived or died, to the once-again happily married man I am today, a man who both loves and cherishes life. My three kitties have given me a new zest for living.

Equally inspiring and entertaining, my story begins with loss and tears, but it ends with lots of love and laughter. I think that you will find yourself moved by my journey.


It is amazing how time helps. In time, I have learned to overcome my own albatross. I have learned to live again, to love again. Life is a gift reads a plaque on our dining room wall, and that sums up what I have gained from the three kitties that saved my life. From Coco, I learned to care again. From Kitty, I learned to love again. From Pom Pom, I have learned how to cope with my own demons, the effects of aging being one of these. Pom Pom has taught me to accept what is and then to move onward. Yes, I have learned plenty from my three kitties.

My journey has been a long one, a difficult one at times, but it has a happy ending. The three kitties in my life have made it so. They have all helped me to become the happy-to-be-alive man that I am today. I now accept rather than cope. I live each day to the fullest, knowing full well that life is a gift, and a very precious one at that. I look back on my life and I often think that I must be the luckiest man in the world. I have so much to be thankful for. The wonderment and beauty of life are both so dear to me.

And, to add a delicious icing to the lovely taste of my life, I can say with total honesty to the whole world, my voice booming into the sky, my dancing feet not caring in the least who might see me, that I have been very fortunate to have done something that brings more sheer delight and wonderful pride to me than anything else that I have accomplished in my life: I have fallen madly, heads-over-heels in love not once, but twice, and how many others can say that?

Thank you, Kitty!

The reviews are really good. These bits are gleaned from the actual reviews.

"The Three Kitties That Saved My Life" by Mike Meyer is a moving memoir about loss and recovery.~ ChristophFischerBooks

We all suffer loss in our lives, yet few of us would bare our soul for all the world to see. Michael Meyer has done just that in this uplifting and cathartic book.~ T. R. Harris

“The Three Kitties That Saved My Life” is a beautifully written memoir of love and loss and love again. ~ R. Lee Holz

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

It's the end of one year
Beginning of another
Time to reassess
Light that inner fire
Step into the new dawn
All tomorrows are yours
And the past is gone
Beyond the distant shores
The sky is the limit
Your journey awaits
Take the first step forward
To your eventual fate

31 Dec 13

It's been a rough year for many, including myself. The finances have been really tight for me the last couple of months. I'm not the only one that's been happening too either and I'm positive it will get better in the coming year. We're seeing some of the last gasps of that horridly deep recession we were in. Enough of the bad stuff, we don't need to focus on that. 

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." Walt Disney
On that note I have some goals for 2014. I'm going to try to finish Ascendency Rising and release it this year. I have several other ideas that are just bits and pieces at this point, I'm going to see if I can't put them all together in this new year. One of the bits and pieces I actually got a smidgen of the idea while listening to the song "Two Black Cadillacs." I even bought a copy of the MP3. You do realize the two women get together and kill this man. One of the women is his wife, the other is his lover. Well, one day they get talking and they do something about his two timing ass. 

I also had a great idea last night that I really would like to see where it goes. How did my ghosts in "An Ill Wind Cometh" come to be? I might not get it out this year but it will definitely be happening at some point. I'm actually beginning to look at having out two novels and short story in a whole series. I've also kind of wondered what happens to the young couple later. I've had some tiny bits and pieces here and there, could be interesting.

Monday, December 30, 2013

In memoriam (poem)

The casket is open
I'm drawn closer
Have to see her there
Lying in repose
Her body at rest
I reach for her hand
The icy coldness
Anguish abounding
Wells up from within
Wailing gasps from me
Fills the air around
My essence empties
Falling to my knees
Emotion floods out
Until I'm emptied
Only a shell now
Devoid of feeling
All is lost to me

30 Dec 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's alive...

Tonight I uploaded "A Last Haul" and it's alive on Smashwords. It's also free. It might be a while for the novel it's a prequel for to be out again though, I guess it's in line edits.

Here's where you can get your own copy of "A Last Haul."

A little wickedness...

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Casual not having that.
Enter Christophe Mondesir. Two years ago, Anya dumped him without explanation. An accidental meeting shoots Anya back on Christophe’s radar. He refuses to be denied and plans to breach the fortress Anya has built around her heart—if she’ll commit to more than a casual liaison. He’s also determined to find out what she’s hiding. That’s if the stalker who’s after Anya doesn’t end her life first.  
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An opium-addicted beauty. 
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Melanie Karsak's Chasing the Star Garden takes readers on a thrilling adventure from the gritty opium dens of gaslamp London to the gem-colored waters of the ancient world. Lily Stargazer, a loveable but reckless airship racer with a famous lover and shattered past, reluctantly plunges into a centuries-old mystery in a steampunk romantic adventure best described as Dan Brown meets Mary Shelley. 

It all begins on one of the worst days of Lily’s life. She just lost the London leg of the 1823 Airship Grand Prix. To top it off, a harlequin fleeing from constables shoved a kaleidoscope down her 
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Lily’s lover, Lord Byron, encourages her to make the trip to Venice. Lily soon finds herself at the heart of an ancient mystery which has her running from her past and chasing true love and the stars along the way.
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