Thursday, May 22, 2014

My thoughts on war

I’m watching Through the Never by Metallica and they just finished playing “One.” I really do love the song and it brings back memories from 1991. While I was in southern Iraq there were a lot of dead vehicles, the fires that had raged through them left the blackened. There were also a lot of dead people. I’ll never forget seeing a guy who was turned into charcoal except for his eyes. They were still white and he looked like he was looking at me. Since then it’s haunted me.

At that moment was the exact point I couldn’t ever again see war as something glorious. Honestly I can’t ever support going to war anywhere or for any reason. All it does in my mind is creates death, destruction, and it ruins lives. You carry the baggage from that back with you so you aren’t the same as when you left.

While I understand it isn’t everyone’s viewpoint it is mine. Yes, I am very anti-war. To tell you the truth I will never change when it comes to that.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Offsets & Savings

I'm presently working on a book that I’m calling "Offsets & Savings" and it will be nonfiction. It's about some of the home improvement projects I've been working on and what savings I've achieved. We all need to save wherever we can so I thought it might be a good idea to share some of it. So far the book has been coming along really well and it shouldn't be too long until I’m able to release it.

What makes writing project different than any is the cloud. Presently the manuscripts on Google Drive which I can pull it up on both my Droid phone and the PC. It's actually sped up the process much faster than it would have been otherwise. I can add to a manuscript just about anywhere.