Friday, December 14, 2012

Diedre Frost interview.

Tonight I'm doing something different, I'm interviewing Diedre Frost.

Brian Bigelow: Tell me about the book you've written.

Diedre Frost: well it is poetry but not the fluffy bunny poetry i write darker poetry that is saddness and sorrow happiness laced with pain and darkness with a silver lining

Brian Bigelow: So you write dark poetry. Is there some loss you are trying to deal with?

Diedre Frost: well not at the time but i knew i had drepression and then in 2008 my friend since i was 5 yrs old passed away so some have stemmed since her passing other were just dealing with heartaches and life.

Brian Bigelow: Well, I know from experience that poetry can sooth the soul. What are coming out with in the future?

Diedre Frost: i'm hopefully coming out with a book series at least 6 and a book with Faellin and another couple of poetry books

Brian Bigelow: That sounds really cool. Where would I get your book at?

Diedre Frost: i have it on amazon and smashwords both in paperback and ebook

Have you thought of doing any longer story lines?

Brian Bigelow: I can understand that. It can sometimes get difficult to get a story line out

Diedre Frost: i game and listen to music to get back to that state of mind sometimes re-reading what i wrote when i get stuck and see why i'm stuck
Brian Bigelow: Well, thank you for visiting with me tonight. I wish you the best.

This is one of Diedre Poems. Quite good if you ask me but what do I know, see for yourself.

On this moonlit night

A fire is ignited and runs
Rapid through my veins
As my blood flows like
Molten lava, the clouds
Above rumble like a freight
Train out of control
My fingertips are electrified
As I line myself with
The power nexus
The words of the spell
Roll off my tongue
Like honey, as the
Clouds intensify
The raindrops start to
Fall telling me their
Story as they hit
the ground
The rain has soaked me
Through, as I stand with
My arms stretched to the
Sky, as lightning begins
Striking outside my circle
As I continue chanting
My spell the storm
Gets stronger still
Chanting until you can
No longer hear the
The words swirl
Around my circle
taking on a life of
their own, as the
white light illuminates
the circle
As the light shimmers
And fades the storm
Ceases to a light mist.
I stand in my circle my eyes
Aglow feeling alive and
Feeling alive is a
Feeling of wholeness

Here's another poem

Gone So Soon 05/06/2009
As the glimmer fades
So do the twinkle in her eyes

She has realized that she
Has given up on everything
The demons have won the battle
All of her wishes have shattered
And her dreams have burst
What is left? She wonders
Nothing! She quietly whispers to herself
As a single tear escapes down her cheek
Her eyes staring at the ceiling see nothing
Her eyelids heavy, slowly shut
Her breathe slows to a whisper
One final breathe and all is still
She is gone another goddess has fallen
And all she wanted was love
Broken hearted and emotionally beaten
All was lost the demons won
Good-bye fair goddess you shall return
Stronger from this
You shall be loved for you
Are beautiful and kind
Till we meet again…soon

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I've had some really great reviews lately on Amazon and even Smashwords which is really nice. I'm glad that I'm writing some things that many like. Liturgy now has a 4.2 star average on Amazon US, UK and on Goodreads.




I also included Liturgy in my horror anthology "Horror Bent"

I also have a 5 star review on Smashwords of The Visitation. Guess you could say there's a lightly romantic element to the short story. It's also a permanent freebie.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Now on All Romance

Not all women I'll admit but a number of women actually like horror, so why not make these available on All Romance? Tonight they are up and ready.



How To Buy An Ebook – And Keep It

(from Derek Haines Blog "A Vandalism of Words")

When you buy an ebook, do you buy it, or do you really only rent it? Then after this consideration, what restriction come with either choice?

In recent months, the issue of ebook ownership has been discussed at length in both the news and on publishing blogs. The most popular ebook platforms, although very convenient, often impose limitations on ebook purchases. Limits such as the inability to back up, copy, lend or update are just a few of the restrictions that can be placed on a file. While proprietary file types lock your purchase into a ‘walled garden’, the use of Digital Rights Management (DRM) is the most common form of controlling the after purchase use of an ebook.

The much publicised stories of a user’s Kindle being wiped of all purchases by Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s limit on updating an ebook after a credit card expires are just two examples of ebook control gone mad.

So what can you do to ensure that when you buy an ebook, you actually buy it with no, or next to no limitations? The easiest answer is ebooks in the .epub format and DRM free. Most popular ereading devices use .epub, with the exception of Kindle. For Kindle users, the most suitable is the .mobi file type, DRM free.

A number of online retailers are now offering ebooks that are both DRM free, and in the popular file types to suit almost all ereading devices. Smashwords, Kobo and Diesel are at the forefront of DRM free ebook sales.

Another very useful tool to use in ensuring you actually own your ebooks is Calibre. If you can’t locate a DRM free version of an ebook for you device, you can buy or download an .epub version of an ebook and then use Calibre to convert the file to the type used by your device.

While ‘one click’ purchasing and instant delivery to your device may seem appealing, the drawbacks often outweigh this convenience. Perhaps when you would like to lend you purchased ebook to your spouse, and then discover you can’t for instance. So just an extra few seconds at time of purchase may bring you many more advantages.

One of the simplest way to load ebooks onto most devices is old fashioned email. As almost all ereading devices are equipped with an email facility, it is just a matter of downloading or buying the correct file type, or converting using Calibre, and then email the file to your ereader. Open and start reading! Then know that you have really purchased an ebook that you can share, lend, copy, back up and keep forever.