Thursday, August 27, 2015

Arches National Park visit 8/26

As a part of our vacation time we stopped at Arches NP for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, because of having to turn the truck in later today we didn't have even more time available. There's so much more we both wanted to see and it's a wonderful place to visit. Where I can do so I am notating certain images. I'll note the weather was overcast so some of the images just aren't the best and I haven't optimized them in Gimp.

This is near the entrance.

I believe this is Park Avenue.

The landforms are quite interesting in this part of the park. You can really see some of the layers.

Here are the Three Gossips in the upper left.

The Three Gossips closer, and a different angle.

Petrified sand dunes are in these next three images.

This is Balanced Rock.

To the left you can see Double Arch.

I think this is Turret Arch but I'm not positive.

This is an arch that is forming. It kind of looks like a giant eye.

This is a much better view of Double Arch. If you make the image larger you can see the people underneath. The thing is huge.

Another view of Double Arch.

This arch is one of the more recently and hasn't completely formed. As far as I'm aware it's unnamed.

I believe this is Sandstone Arch.

This is more of the petrified sand dunes found in many places in the park.

I loved the juxtaposition of the forms here.

Unnamed arch.

This is Delicate Arch.

This might be Skyline Arch.

This boulder made think of a petrified Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle which gave me a laugh.

We stopped at the gift shop and they've added these bronze sculptures out front.

At some point we have plans to return. Probably next year. If we do we'll probably spend two days on this park alone, and two more at Canyonlands NP.