Thursday, November 27, 2014

Built in book shelf.

Between the kitchen and the living room on the east wall there was a little partition. It really doesn't serve much of a purpose other than looks and to hide the refrigerator. Soon after moving into the house I opened it up and found this open space. There's a lack of room in the house so turning it into a built in book shelf crossed my mind immediately. For a long time the shelves consisted of 1x4's with a space between. They just didn't work well. 

There was a shelving unit I'd taken apart. I kept all of the materials from it. Today I cut the shelf boards to fit the space. Right after I painted them. The paint is a light blue paint called Haunted Hue. I like it so much all of the walls in the living room and hallway will receive the same color.

This is tonight. I found out CD's stand up perfectly on the top shelf. The rest is my DVD collection. It sure helps me to utilize the space more efficiently. The entire house has only 600 square feet of floor space. In many cases if you want additional you need built in's. There's really no other options.
   In the next couple of weeks I'll be getting the rest of the paint up in the living room. It will make a big difference in this house. I'm going to see about getting some new curtains too. A little later on will be the new closet organizer, and the finishing touches on the bathroom. I will of course post pictures here on the blog.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Something new from my good friend Melina Turner.

 Pieces Of Mel (Pieces Of Mel Poetry Collection Series) BOOK 1

29th December 2014

The darkness…The light…The happiness and sadness…Where would we be without such raw emotional being?

Open the pages of international award-winning poet’s “Pieces Of Mel” and step into many of the portrayals, opinions, hopes, and beliefs the author expresses so deeply.
From the raw emotions to the miniature poetic stories you will find the proof of the author’s passion and soul.

You can pre-order your copy on ebook today for 0.99 cents at

As you can see it’ll also be in paperback


Old Betrays (Old Blood Series) Book 0.5


November 2014

Old Betrays, a dark paranormal short story which introduces a future series about an old ally who becomes a very dangerous adversary bent on revenge.

This piece is free on GoodReads now at:

And will also be available on smashwords for free soon

A little bit about the author:

   Hi I’m Mel aka Melina Turner, I’m an international award-winning poet and live in Australia in a little town called Gympie. I began my writing at an extremely young age starting in primary school in year 3 when I heard about Write4Fun, a school international writing competition. My first piece was called “Wild Brumbies” published in 2003 when I was in year 3. I soon after moved from Nambour to Gympie an hour away, where I was influenced by an amazing English teacher to continue writing. In 2005 when I was in year 5 I was awarded “honoured writer” for my poetry in which I continued and still do. In 2013 I was awarded, “Best Poet of 2012” and put into a poetry book that is now in the library of Congress.
   After I began poetry I soon wanted to branch out thus starting “The Deathly-Roses Volume 1” a flash fiction narrative-prose piece, original and first of its kind, to be published 2014. I then gapped it out and wrote Volume 2 in 2007 to be published also in 2014; the third to be written in 2014 and published 2015. My goal with these books (TDR Volumes) was to make it short and poetic-like to gain non-readers interest and I believe I have done that.
   As of 2012, I slowly branched out and started helping co-author for an independent film company called Timothy Mitchell Films, helping with scripts for movies.
   As of now I am beginning to write my first finished novel ever. As of now I will be finishing my novels and aiming for traditional publishing.

You Can Catch Mel At
Her face book author page
Her The Deathly-Roses Volumes Page
Her twitter account
Her blog link
Or add her on face book
Her Goodreads link