Friday, December 26, 2014

Today's yumminess

 I love good food and now days I'm able to indulge some of that passion in the kitchen. Usually I would be cooking up a large pot of pasta and another one with the sauce. Today I did something different and it sure is yummy. I've started getting these side dish mixes more often. They're pretty good without anything being done to them. Commonly I'll serve one of the Knorr rice side dishes with my breaded chicken.

To change it up I decided to add a pound of hamburger. To it I added some cumin, onion powder, and some finely diced fresh garlic. While frying up the hamburger the Roma tomatoes in the fridge began calling. I soon diced one up and added it to the hamburger after draining it.

Here it is after everything was combined. I had to try a taste and it's to die for. Now I want dessert. Cheesecake in fact which I have a mix for at the moment but I forgot to pick up milk. Tomorrow I'll make cheesecake though. 

I recently planted a philodendron that had been growing in a large vase. Of course it went into a bit of shock with the replanting. It had lost a few leaves but it now seems to have turned the corner and is now producing many new leaves. I also started growing an amaryllis two weeks ago. I should bloom late in January I think. 

I'm wanting to get a few more plants growing in the house. It's so wonderful and it adds a nice bit of life. The house was dead for the last four years. The curtains were always closed, it was really absurd. There's also bad things that goes along with being single for the first time in years. Letting the light in isn't one of them.