Friday, June 10, 2016

Monument Lake

Today we went to Monument Lake at Monument, CO. Really not that far away north of Colorado Springs. I'd never been there before, and neither had Susan. After I helped set her up where she was fishing I went off exploring with my SLR as is usual.

As I walked toward the dam I seen this grandparent, and their grandchild playing in the water. It was so cute I had to photograph the scene.

This guy was near the dam fly fishing.

This I captured on the trail. It's a 1/4 second exposure, ISO 100. I think I used my ND4, ND8, and circular polarizer filter too.

This just looked spectacular.

This is the creek that flows into the lake. The exposure is 1/5 of a second, ISO 100. I think I used my ND4, ND8, and circular polarizer filter.

This is a 1/2 second exposure of ripples on the surface of stream. I thought the result would look rather artistic and it takes kind of an abstract feel. I think I used my ND4, ND8, and circular polarizer filter too.

The picnic table in the center of the frame captured my attention. I also wanted to get the stream in the image. 1/4 second exposure, ISO 100, ND8, ND4, and circular polarizer filters.

I'm not sure what these little white flowers are. It just kind of looked with the cat tails.

I did a good day, got in a good mile and a half hike I think. You have a great day and try to get out a little bit.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Roses aren't always red.

Tomorrow I'll finish my chemo and I'm looking forward to being done with it. Soon after I'll be seeing the dermatologist again to get my checked. It's still kind of freaky to realize that I had the start of skin cancer. At least it's better now.

On a more pleasant note here are some roses growing here at the house. They've all begun to bloom and they're looking wonderful.

Thank you for your allowing me to share my photography with you.