Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shed insulation

I was given some blue styrofoam insulation over a year ago. Until recently I didn't really have much use for it so it's been sitting in my backyard the entire time. More recently I started parking my motorcycle in the shed. I'm able to run the heater when necessary when it's cold out like when I need to do an oil change which I have to do often on my Chinese built motorcycle. I'm also thinking it'll be a little more comfortable in the shed when it's hot out.

So you can get a little better look at how I'm doing it here are two photos of the project. Dabs of construction adhesive will help keep the panels up long term.

I do realize it isn't very pretty but this is a shed after all, not a living space. What's nice is I'm getting rid of most the leaks at the same time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 20

I've wanted to finish painting the house but haven't been able to because of rain. We've had quite a lot lately and that looks to continue for the next week. At least the garden is getting plenty of moisture which is good. Soon I should have plenty of pictures of my flowers. I should even have some nice tomatoes for cooking. There's nothing like the taste of fresh tomatoes you just picked off the plant.
One of the hobbies I've wanted to get back into again is photography. Toward that end I've been shooting some with my new camera phone, and I have a new SLR type digital camera with gobs of focal range on the way. I'll be able to do a good job of capturing some of this years memories for Susan and I.
This should make for an interesting summer. Susan and I are beginning to have a lot of plans. I'm actually quite glad I met her, and that she's part of my life now. I'm thinking I got very lucky :-)