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A Last Haul

In this book a crook breaks into a poltergeist infested house, the same one that's in "An Ill Wind Cometh." It's a prequel to the novel and happens about ten years before that novel.


Beyond Realms

This is my newest book, Beyond Realms. It's a classic fantasy tale that I'm proud to announce has been signed by Hall & Muscato Publishing. Originally I intended it as something my grandchildren could read that I've written. Most of what I write I don't want them reading until they're at least 16 or 17 years old.

Being hidden far away, the Princess will have to return through time and space. Being controlled by another, the King becoming no more than a shadow of himself. Only a single tear from someone pure in spirit would break the spell and set him free. Step into another world, a place beyond the present, as you journey through the world of "Beyond Realms."


An Ill Wind Cometh

Coming son from Authors Allies.
Yep, I signed this one with a publisher and presently it's in edits and rewrites that are turning the book into a full fledged novel. I'll update this space when the title gets re-released.


Rip Tide

A violent killer from the past...
A horror author from the present...

Jack the Ripper only took a break and now he's back. Phineas Smith is a struggling author trying to write his next novel. Together, they end up sharing one body after a visit to a museum. It's a life changing event for both in this story of the macabre. Find out what happens for yourself as you delve into the book.

This story originated with a nightmare and became so much more in the twisted fertile imagination of Mr Bigelow.

• Excerpt from the book:

A dense swirling fog began to form in the middle of the pentagram and enveloped Jeremy as he stood there. He coughed at the acrid taste on his lips and tongue. In his amazement the room became indistinct as it appeared to be covered with a white haze. Uttering unintelligible sounds he began to be stretched into wispy tendrils that extended towards the floor. The effect reminded him a moment of sand in an hourglass and then the thought disappeared. It scared him a moment when he started to see through his hand as the offering bowl fell and became part of the swirling tempest.

Here are a couple of bits from the reviews that have come in so far.

~ "This is a quick entertaining read about an author taking on Jack the Ripper."

~ "The author recreates the horrors of Jack the Ripper and the gothic and scary sides of Victorian London incredibly well and authentic and he also offers an inspired take at the blur between reality and imagination in the mind of many writers."

~ "The quality of the writing was superb and the actual story was really good and enjoyable."

~ "I loved the idea of the book and there were some moments that were pure genius, particularly the reason why the ripper stopped killing."


Macabre Moments

This is a horror short story anthology meant to entertain most of all. They are a collection of nightmares, eerie events, bumps in the night and of things gone very wrong. There are also two very creepy poems that have been included in this collection.

In "Moonlit Night" a young couple meets a vicious little girl vampire. "Special Guests" is set during the Great Depression, two inmates escape from prison and meet their worst nightmare. "The Ascent" is what may very well happen at some point which is a very disturbing idea. In "Last Drive" an abused spouse has finally had enough and she turns the tables on the abuser.

What if a real witch had been found during one of the witch hunts of the past? This one happens to set in 1639 in England.

Could you imagine falling into a dream where you time travel about 50 years into the future? That's part of the story, "Future Shock," and maybe it wasn't a dream ...

From a few of the reviews.

~ "This book will have something for everyone who loves the genre of horror and who thinks twisted is cool."

~ "It has a wide variety to include something for everyone."


Horror Bent

This is a horror short story anthology that has been inspired by many things, Twilight Zone, Tales From The Crypt, Hellraiser, Warlock, Iron Maiden, Rush and many more. Since the entire book has a horror bent to it the name came naturally.

According to one reviewer, "It's a quick read, and worth every minute. War stories, haunting, witches, supernatural forces coming to a hero's "assistance" - it's all in there. One of my favorite stories even has zombies, and who doesn't just love zombies, right?"

One of the short stories I also released as a stand alone short story and here are some of the things reviewers had to say.

~ "Amazing short story that would make Stephen King jealous! Moral of the story let the hate go before it consumes you!"

~ "A delightfully dark tale of body invasion with a difference."

~ "Holding in rage is never a good thing, but when something comes and feeds off of it, builds it up in you, what are you able to do? Read the story if you want to know."

~ "I especially liked the story Liturgy, using a special orb or something to take over another person and make them do different things has always caught my attention, there are many movies about this and they always have kept me enthralled and watching."

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