Friday, June 3, 2016

Quail Lake

We ended up going to Quail Lake here in Colorado Springs.  It's a lake that's also a park. There are a lot of reeds around the lake shore and there are a lot of birding opportunities. There are birds everywhere.
After I helped set up Susan for her fishing I went walking with my camera. I think I hiked about a mile and a half altogether. At least I got my exercise today.
As I was walking along the shoreline I came upon a Mallard and her brood. She was off to the left of the photograph in the water watching carefully. They captured my attention the way they were piled up together. So far this image has won three awards on ViewBug as of right now.

This is a lovely Blue Heron. It was wading around close to where Susan was set up for her fishing.

I believe this is a Wood Thrush though I could be wrong. I'm not an expert birder by any stretch. I think I was about six feet away from the bird. It had been rooting around in the reeds making noise which caught my attention. This image has also won two awards on ViewBug.

That's all I'm posting for this time. Make sure you take some time and enjoy some nature. You don't have to go far to do it either. I think Quail Lake is about three miles from my house. It's kind of funny but I used to work for Atmel, a semiconductor company, which is right next to this lake. I'd never visited.
I can tell you I don't recommend working in a wafer fab. The bunny suit was rather annoying and quite honestly the job was rather boring. I was dipping the wafers into vats of acid.
Anyway, for now, have a great day. I'll write again soon.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Skin cancer

   Recently I was found to have Actinic Keratoses which is a precancerous skin growth. It's caused by too much sun over too many years. For it I was prescribed Flourourcil cream which I have apply twice per day.
   There's a two week period of applying the cream. Then a two week break. And then another two weeks of applying the cream.
   If you get the cream on undamaged skin it doesn't do anything. On damaged skin it causes a nasty rash. You'll even have layers of skin peel off. Sometimes you'll feel the cream burn.
   As of now I'm into a week my second two week cream applying period. No burning this time which is nice. The skin is a little sensitive near my glasses bows is all which is nice. I will be glad next Thursday when I completely finish the treatment.
   On a more pleasant subject tomorrow we should be going to Monument Lake. Susan will be fishing and I'll try to get some photos. I'm also finally going to break out the kite.
   Have a great and try to enjoy life.