Saturday, June 2, 2012

Counterfeit Kisses review

A while back I did a review for this book and I still stand by my review. Really good book that is actually a romance. Then again, I write some romance so I would read it wouldn't I?

My review: This novel ends up being a classic damsel in distress story having read the entire book that takes place in what would have been the west at that time. Yes, it will appeal to men also as the romance is rather low-key and a guy will especially like this story once the nefarious counterfeiters become a main part. They take a hostage which the "knight in shining armor" (Quincy) then rescues (Magen) and yes, he ends up with her which I thought was pretty good.Women in particular I think will like the wedding scene, it was a bit of a trip for me as I read it (in fact I had to read that chapter twice). The whole town comes out, sets up the wedding in a field and a fiddler serenades Magen down the "aisle" to the preacher who then marries them. The wedding is held in an open field of all places just outside of the house, it was a perfect wedding.

Description: A Kindle Bestselling Historical Romance

Sometimes the road to justice is filled with compromise . . . .

A Lawman in Disguise
As a Secret Service Operative Jeremy Loud is quick on his feet and a master of his emotions. Then, he wakes up naked, disoriented and in physical pain to find a mysterious woman busy at his stove. His first mistake is assuming she's a barmaid. His biggest mistake is underestimating her ability to get into trouble.

A Woman in Peril
Magen MacGuire is determined to find the man responsible for her father's death and make him pay. Then, her plans go awry and a case of mistaken identity leads her to the last thing she expects; the claim of a proxy marriage and a mysterious stranger she could easily fall in love with.

Fate brings them together. Lies threaten to tear them apart. Is what they share really love or is it just more lies sealed with a Counterfeit Kiss.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Growing Things garden

Of course, there is a garden here at home that is the basis for the information I've included in Growing Things. I'm actually half tempted to call our yard Bigelow Farms at times. Over half of the yard happens to be the garden area.

Today, while I was planting some more potatoes in a couple of parts of the garden I noticed the climbing rose has started to leaf out. Can't wait to post pictures of the roses in bloom in a few weeks here on the blog. Unfortunately, the Wisteria still hasn't started leafing out yet :-(

Our lettuce and carrots have sprouted well as have the edible peas and cucumbers. It will be nice to have the Cosmos sprouting between the little rows. Even the Marigolds we started from last years harvested seed seem to have started well.

It's also looking like we will have a decent amount of Chamomile also this year. Sure love having a cup of tea of that delectable wonder in the evenings. Think we have a good amount of Echinacea starters also but not quite sure yet as they aren't differentiated enough.

Now for a couple of pictures.
This is our first rose on the bush by the street. 

The plants with needle-like leaves are Cosmos. Both the lettuce and the Cosmos seem to be pretty compatible together. What will be nice is that the Cosmos get 3-4 feet high (just over a meter) and will keep some of the worst Sun of the day off of the lettuce. Lettuce does have a terrible tendency to wilt during the heat of the day. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Box

The Box will soon be in final editing stages. The primary cabinet/furniture maker is based on some actual people. Three+ to be a little more exact. Roy Underhill of the PBS program Woodwright's Shop, Norm Abrams of the PBS program New Yankee Workshop and to an extent myself.

I really look up to both Roy and Norm and have learned a lot of the little bit of carpentry I do from both of them. It isn't everyone that would write a book with those individuals as models but that's what I've done.

The story is actually an unusual one, definitely not what you would normally see. A young kid becomes an apprentice in a cabinet/furniture making shop. He also becomes close friends with the cabinet maker of the story.

I really do hope everyone likes it and it's not a very long read at about 12,000 words.
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Review for Watchers (Tilly Greenway and the Secrets of the Ancient Keys)

Very interesting book.

Throw together a vast underground conspiracy, a bit of mythology, a feeling like War of the Worlds, a fast pace and a dragon or two you get a book like this one.

Really enjoying it!

The vast underground conspiracy reminds me of the one in Windmills of the Gods by Sydney Sheldon. (Boy that gives my age away doesn't it?)

Though the description states that this is a YA book but I'm really enjoying it.


Sacred sites, secret messages, ancient aliens, global conspiracy and...dragons!

When Tilly Greenway and her stepbrother Zack discover that the world is run by a sinister shadow-government called ISIS, they are plunged headlong into a quest to save mankind from a horrifying fate.

ISIS is in league with an alien group that plans to turn the entire human race into their food source. Only the Guardians can stop them. But who are the Guardians? And why do they need Tilly and Zack?

Lord of the Rings meets The Da Vinci Code in part one of this epic tale of magic, myth and dark intrigue...

***Warning ***
This book is intended for adults and children of 11 years and older. The story is a blend of fact and fiction and presents some controversial theories of the origins of the human race. Prepare to be shocked