Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jobs in the porn industry

There are many jobs in the porn industry. All the way from a local porn store to acting in the movies. One thing all jobs in porn is fairly equal is the fact that foul language is not an issue. It can also be very steady work. Prove yourself capable and you probably won't have to worry much about getting laid off.

To act in a porno there is one main requirement. You need to be able to get busy in a room full of people all watching you. This is something that many have a difficult time with. There is a camera also recording everything that is happening. Probably a little easier for most is one of the magazine spreads. Usually those photo shoots involve the model, a photographer and their assistant.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Growing Things

This has been a great book to work on and I'm really making great progress as I have now reached 9,500 words of the rough draft. Above, is the actual book cover that I will be using. Everything in the book has been thoroughly researched and most have been tried in real life in our garden. There will even be information on creating your own tea from flowers in your garden that you grow which we do. I believe this guide will help many to get started in gardening and provide a little new information for long time gardeners.

Passed over

This is something that can be rather frustrating for anyone, I know as I have been there where you are at. Don't let it get you down, other opportunities are out there. If you need to, scream at the top of your lungs as loud as you want to. Just get it out of your system as quickly as you because it's time to move on. How I used to handle these situations was look at it as not having to exert any more effort for that job. I could now focus on efforts elsewhere.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Online scams

I can easily understand the attraction of the email that I copied to here. Bills are due, it's been a long time since you received a paycheck last. You've probably read many things about not answering these kinds of emails. I'm also telling you not to as it will probably cost you a lot. Instant riches will never happen, it takes a lot of work.

Me, as an author, I have a book on the best seller list on Amazon at present. It took a lot of work for that to happen and a couple of failures. Each of those failures I learned from until I was successful. You need to analyze with an open mind where you haven't been successful. That way you can change it for the future.

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No Cindy. I think I would rather hang a kick me sign on my back. I'll probably get more out of it.
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Great news!!!

The jobs market is improving quite a bit these days.

One good sign is that it appears many part-timers are going full time. 

The government's latest employment report shows weaker-than-expected job growth in March, but it does have a bright spot. More part-time workers appear to be getting full-time jobs which definitely indicates the labor market is turning around. 

Restaurants have added 560,000 Jobs in the past two years

The National Restaurant Association reports that restaurants have added more than 560,000 jobs since the beginning of the employment recovery, with more than 200,000 of those positions have been created in the last six months alone. While many of these positions aren't the highest paying positions around, it's still good news as it is another indicator that the economy is improving and hiring will increase further.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Internet image

What image does your online profiles send someone that is looking at them? If it isn't sending the right message it probably won't help you. Where I'm getting the idea from is various products like tennis shoes and computers. Everything they put into an advertisement helps to create an image which is also a brand. Quite often those ads are symbolic in nature, you naturally get an image in your mind from many of these images. This is also something you need to do with everything during a job hunt, especially your online profiles. You just about have to look at yourself as a product that fills a need that an employer has. Anything that doesn't fill that need really does have to go.
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