Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pueblo Reservoir 10-8

   On the 8th we went down to the Pueblo Reservoir. We did some fishing and I, of course, captured a few images with the Fuji. 
   This is a breakwater made out of old tires. The curves, the bit of island, and water was rather interesting to me.

I decided to try to get one of the various birds and this lovely female Mallard obliged me nicely.

   The ripples was very interesting and caught my eye. This part of the lake is a no wake part. Basically, if you have a boat, you have to go very slow so you aren't causing waves. Any that do occur therefore are most likely from the breezes actions on the water.

This was later in the day as the sun got lower and all of these wonderful reflections began showing up. The bit of breeze slowed too.

This shot just appeared idyllic to me. I had to capture it.

Soon, we will be heading down to Pueblo again. I'm wanting to photograph the river walk downtown. I think we'll visit the Pueblo Zoo also.