Thursday, December 4, 2014

Entertainment center

As many knows I'm into reusing, and recycling. I was needing an entertainment center of some sort and my funds are a little limited. Yesterday I had brainstorm and I had kept looking at those metal pieces from the sofa. 
   The racks at the back are from the seat and the back of the sofa when I tore it down. I took four brackets also from the broken down sofa. Then I used sheet metal screws to attach them. I still need to get the boards the right length to fit correctly. These will work for now though.

Having measured it if need be I can actually fit a 32" television in this unit. With the way it's easy to get to any connections you need to and run wires it's almost the ultimate of entertainment units. On it I have my TV, cheap DVD player, and the new stereo. 
   Unfortunately for me the TV is rather old so it doesn't pick up over the air signals very well not that I watch any broadcast TV shows. The TV was made in 2010 and isn't up to date with the present channel tuners. It works well with a DVD player hooked up to it.
   The stereo just arrived today. I hooked it up and it worked great. So far I've played some of my jazz CD's, listen to a radio station, and connected with my phone via Bluetooth. The speaker just happen to be the perfect height to get decent bass response in this house.