Monday, February 17, 2014

Writing update

     I've been working on Ascendancy Rising lately as some you may know. Mostly I've been fleshing it all out so that it becomes a real story. It's during the rewrites and the fleshing out that it becomes what it's always meant to be. That's the way it almost always works though. Earlier today I reached 49k on the manuscript at the end of chapter 24 and I have bits and pieces of six more chapters including the ending that I'd printed off. Most of what I'm doing at the moment is actually first rough drafts instead of rewrites.

     I just checked through the calendar and I guess the first bits I wrote of Ascendancy was in the middle of September. It probably would have been out by now but I had to set it aside several times before I could finish it. There were other rewrites and edits that took precedence and it couldn't be helped. In this case there were actual publishing deadlines involved that I can blame.

     Once I finish with Ascendancy Rising I'll probably start working on Inquiso again. With the story I'm glad I set it aside. More bits and pieces are coming to me and it will be interesting to see where that whole story heads when I come back to it.

     This is the tentative cover for Inquiso. The flames actually fits the story. I even like the lettering because it actually fits also. It's going to be quite the thriller. There will be bombs, people dying, and the overthrow of a government. All that means its a lot of fun to work on :-)

     I wonder how quick after it comes out the NSA will be investigating me?