Friday, August 26, 2016

Kiddie Roller Coaster

We were in City Park in Pueblo today. One of the things there is a kiddie carnival. I think they originally were installed in the 1930's. Among the rides is a mini steam train, a mini roller coaster, and several others. 
I think I rode all of the rides in 1976. 
It is a memorable experience anyway. Memorable enough I've remembered it for 40 years at any rate. OMG, that makes me...
Let's stop thinking about that right now. I think I'd better focus on the good memories from when I was much younger.
Here are the images of the roller coaster I captured. The images are straight from the camera, and in GIMP I desaturated each using the luminosity channel. Otherwise they are untouched.

Now on to my creating black and whites out of the other images. I also got some of the CFI ruins that are left from down in Bessemer. Might be posting some of those soon too.

Until next time have a great day and try to enjoy your life some.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

24 August

After I got Susan to her billiards match I walked over to this field behind the bar. I've been noticing it for many weeks but hadn't done any images there. Either the weather wasn't cooperating, or I didn't have a camera with me. Still, I kept noticing it. Last night I was able to actually capture a few images of what I was seeing. These, I think, are some of the best out of the 20+ photos.
Until you're out in the middle of the field you never notice those dirt pathways that I managed to capture in the first two pictures. I love how they led my eye into the rest of the scene.
I would have liked to stay out there a bit longer so I could capture more of the deeper sunset colors but I had to go inside and start keeping score.

Happily I noticed this bee feeding as I'm wandering about. I'm not sure what the wildflowers are. They sure are pretty though.

There are a lot of Brown Eyed Susan's out in the field. And they grow tall. Here's one of the many.

I hope you enjoyed the images. Have a great day, and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Old cars

This morning I captured a few frames. I wanted to see how the Canon would do on the moon. So, I did a test just after I got to work. Here are the results and I'm pretty pleased. I'm looking forward to doing some night shots.

These cars are across the parking lot from where I work. They're sitting outside of a shop, the guy who owns them is very slowly restoring them. I've been looking at them for a long time and finally decided to capture a few images.
My favorites are the bottom three.
And doing this shoot has given me some ideas for future shoots.

Have a great day and try to enjoy your life a bit.