Friday, August 26, 2016

Kiddie Roller Coaster

We were in City Park in Pueblo today. One of the things there is a kiddie carnival. I think they originally were installed in the 1930's. Among the rides is a mini steam train, a mini roller coaster, and several others. 
I think I rode all of the rides in 1976. 
It is a memorable experience anyway. Memorable enough I've remembered it for 40 years at any rate. OMG, that makes me...
Let's stop thinking about that right now. I think I'd better focus on the good memories from when I was much younger.
Here are the images of the roller coaster I captured. The images are straight from the camera, and in GIMP I desaturated each using the luminosity channel. Otherwise they are untouched.

Now on to my creating black and whites out of the other images. I also got some of the CFI ruins that are left from down in Bessemer. Might be posting some of those soon too.

Until next time have a great day and try to enjoy your life some.

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