Saturday, August 18, 2012


More recently I was told that someone wouldn’t go through a major change in their life like Timothy does in “The Sea Witch”. They were wondering where the religion was because it would require religion to do that. It doesn’t from personal experience but I’ll go into that later in this.  

Here’s the real story behind that part of the story. Until early 2002, I had a couple of small side businesses going. One was a cabinet/furniture making shop. The other one was computer repair, mostly out of a spare room wherever I was living. Because I was such an asshole back then quite often they were more than just side businesses.

I would flip out and quit whatever place I was working. I can’t tell you all of the various places I worked, there were so many of them. Some places I would quit after one day. I was really abusive to everyone to tell you the truth including myself though I didn’t realize it at the time.

Coming back to 2002…

What caused it all to change for me was a couple of things that happened at the same time. My wife passed away in bed next to me was a major one. Another was closing up the shops that were quite often my primary income source. Third, I got rid of everything else! Just threw it out, left it all behind, etcetera. Fourth, I became a ranch hand on a horse ranch which is also where I went to live for two and a half years.

It’s amazing how much thinking you can do when you’re out walking fence lines to find the breaks. The only thing that’s out there where you’re at is the sound of the wind. Almost every daily interruption is gone from your life. The roof over your head is part of your pay, there is no cell phone service, cable TV. So many things are gone its just not the same way that you're living. You really get a chance to look at your life and what a mess you made of it previously. In fact, you don’t even have a choice since there’s nothing else for you to focus on except your past life. Once you begin to really take a look at yourself it’s amazing the changes you go through because you don’t like what you’re seeing. You'll go through changes real quick, quicker than you would believe.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

In the garden

Our garden is beginning to look pretty good as we are headed into fall. Some more of the potatoes ready, the Cosmos have really taken off. Unfortunately, the heat didn't do our lettuce a lot of good.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I'm looking forward to the start of Fall soon. We're already having slightly cooler temps even during the day. It's been a nice change from the 100 degree temperatures that we were having for over a month. During the mornings its in the upper 50's and I usually need a jacket.

Now, onto The Sea Witch, there should be four parts when I get done. The part that is out will be "The Awakening", the part I'm working on will be called "Jonathan's Rendezvous". Don't quite know on the other two parts yet but the story is there waiting to be told.