Friday, June 7, 2013

A Little About Writing "The Box."

I remember well thinking about what my greatest fantasy would be if I was 13 years old once again. What would I want to do if the sky was the limit? Well, I was into skateboarding at the time. I built my first board in 1975 with a steel wheeled skate, which I split apart and attached the resulting two pieces to a 1x4. It was really dangerous. If you have kids, and they build something like it you should be worried. A little later that summer I bought my first real board from Kmart. It was a Makaha and it replaced the horrid little thing I had built. 

At the time, skateboarding was just coming into vogue and would have loved having a full backyard skateboard park. It would have been the coolest. I remember seeing one that they did an article of in a magazine with large glossy photos. As I recall, the park was in California. Apparently they had formed the curves with rebar and then shotcreted the whole works.

Now, let’s say I modernized the fantasy for a book. What would it be today? I see kids everywhere with BMX bikes which would have meant that I would have wanted one also. There's quite a few also that have skateboards but not as many. Knowing me, I would have pushed the limits with what I could do with it.

Looking back I had some really great times with both of the skateboards. I also had a lot of skinned knees and elbows. There are good reasons for the elbow and knee pads that are common these days. Regardless, it was great fun.

Monday, June 3, 2013


I was just looking through my finances today and was remembering the past. It's a dangerous thing remembering the past at times. My circumstances have changed a little bit over the years. I used to take home after taxes $1,000 every two weeks when I worked in the call centers. I still have quite an assortment of check stubs. Even had a good 401k, etc. It could be much, much worse. Half a loaf is better than no loaf at all as the old saying goes.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

30th class reunion

This year is my 30th class reunion. I graduated high school in 1983 from John Marshal High School in Rochester, MN. Where has the time gone to? I already know I'm not going, far too many things to do and I don't have the money anyways. Hope everyone has a great time there.