Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Ascent

So far I've ran my shooter story by a couple more politically minded people and they like it. They're really interested in fact in this story line.

Imagine if you will, the character like the one Pacino plays in The Devil's Advocate now goes for President. You know, the Devil Incarnate sets his sights on the highest office in the land in this story.

Now, throw an Oswald type character into the mix who will attempt to assassinate him. He served in Afghanistan as a sniper. Of course, he misses and so the candidate is wounded only. Because of a sympathy vote he gets in to become the next President.

This is a truly disturbing story I think and will become a part of Horror Bent 2.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Buried alive!

(I was toying around with ideas when this one came to me)

I awake in total darkness. Attempting to roll over I find that I can't. My shoulder connects with something flat and solid. I feel it and find that it's only a couple of inches away. This is disconcerting for me as I explore by touch and find I am confined. I notice the smell of earth and plywood mixed.

Where am I at?

I lay there still as I clear the vestages of sleep from my mind. Then it begins to dawn on me.

Oh my God, no!

I get out my lighter and see the rough plywood confines I now find myself.

Someone has put me in this box and buried me! Why did they do something like that?

Banging my fists against the plywood it doesn't give way. I hit it harder. Oh shit, it's not giving way. I realize that I am trapped in a casket and I don't like it. My thoughts focus on my pounding heart. Need to conserve air.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I wish you and yours all the best this Christmas. May your every wish come true.

We won't be doing much ourselves other than having ham for our Christmas dinner. We don't have a lot but I do feel very blessed.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Wishing you the best.

I hope everyone has a good Christmas Eve. I'll be doing a bit more writing tonight on one of the stories from Horror Bent II though I should probably take a little break from everything and watch a movie. Too bad I don't have a copy of Hellraiser.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Favorites and memorable books of 2012

These are books that I've read during 2012 and they are the ones I will remember most of all. It was actually difficult to pick out specifically these titles from the many I've read. They are in no particular order and it looks like there's 19 of them.

Silenced by RaeBeth McGee

The Spirit Box JH Glaze

Pride and Prejudice and Vampires by PJ Jones

A Mormon Massacre by Joseph Rinaldo

Harry Ballsack And The Quid Witch Caper by Mike Cooley

A Job From Hell by Jade Scott

Robyn's Egg: A Futuristic Thriller by Mark Souza

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap by Paulette Mahurin

War Brides by Helen Bryan

Dance with Life by J.M. Hurley

Estelan by Trace Broyles

The Devil's Fire: A Pirate Adventure Novel by Matt Tomerlin
The Devil's Tide (Devil's Fire, Book 2) by Matt Tomerlin

Ruptured by Tarek Refaat

Quatrain by John Medler

The Cartographer ~ 1492 by Othniel J. Seiden

Do Unto Others by Rebecca Stroud

Treasure of Egypt by Barbara Ivie Green

Island of Secrets by Tammie Clarke Gibbs