Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Buried alive!

(I was toying around with ideas when this one came to me)

I awake in total darkness. Attempting to roll over I find that I can't. My shoulder connects with something flat and solid. I feel it and find that it's only a couple of inches away. This is disconcerting for me as I explore by touch and find I am confined. I notice the smell of earth and plywood mixed.

Where am I at?

I lay there still as I clear the vestages of sleep from my mind. Then it begins to dawn on me.

Oh my God, no!

I get out my lighter and see the rough plywood confines I now find myself.

Someone has put me in this box and buried me! Why did they do something like that?

Banging my fists against the plywood it doesn't give way. I hit it harder. Oh shit, it's not giving way. I realize that I am trapped in a casket and I don't like it. My thoughts focus on my pounding heart. Need to conserve air.

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  1. That's quite a tale. Too bad it ends there. Now you'll tell me and the world where to find it.


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