Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shed insulation

I was given some blue styrofoam insulation over a year ago. Until recently I didn't really have much use for it so it's been sitting in my backyard the entire time. More recently I started parking my motorcycle in the shed. I'm able to run the heater when necessary when it's cold out like when I need to do an oil change which I have to do often on my Chinese built motorcycle. I'm also thinking it'll be a little more comfortable in the shed when it's hot out.

So you can get a little better look at how I'm doing it here are two photos of the project. Dabs of construction adhesive will help keep the panels up long term.

I do realize it isn't very pretty but this is a shed after all, not a living space. What's nice is I'm getting rid of most the leaks at the same time.

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