Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wood working

I finally got more of the bathroom project completed. I'm down to a new medicine cabinet and vanity right now. Those have to wait for a little bit. My finances are better but they aren't perfect yet. They're getting there though and I'll be able to do what I need to do. 
   I have been getting out a little bit here and there. The weather was warm enough that on Friday I had a great outing to the trolley museum. That was cool. I'd love to donate some time and do some of the work on the trolley cars. That wood work is amazing. Right now that might involve me burying myself again which probably isn't a good thing.
   On the note of woodwork I do think I will build some new furniture from scratch. I don't even need that many tools at this moment for basic arts and craft style furniture. Maybe I can build an entertainment center from scratch. That would be an easy project, a corner unit that would hold the TV, DVD player, and DVD's. 
   Later on I might even refinish that bench on the porch I built and bring it into the living room to replace the sofa. I'd originally designed it to have a four inch thick cushion for the seat. Even without it's quite comfortable to sit on though it does sit a little low.
   I was talking to a friend the other day. One great project would be a trestle table and wrap around bench for the kitchen. I think a basic Shaker-type style would be great for that. It would be easy to turn the seats into additional storage.

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