Sunday, October 23, 2016

Stratton Mine Victor

This derelict mine is just outside of Victor. Back in the day a lot of gold came out of the mine which made Stratton a rich man. Now, all there is left is remnants of the past. Part of a chute in one place, a framework in another, and an empty derelict building that extends over the shaft which has usually been filled in.
This is likely to be one of the images I'll upload to Viewbug tomorrow. Apparently the chute in the fourth, and fifth images, extended across the present road.

Here's the main mine building. Below that tower is where the shaft would have been.

This is the first composition of this chute that extended down the mountainside.

After looking at the resulting image on the camera I decided to go for a slightly different composition which I like better. This one I'll probably be uploading to Viewbug.

So I can remember later what it is I photographed I'll normally capture an image of the associated historical marker or sign.

That's it for now. Have a great and try to enjoy your life.

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