Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cripple Creek and Victor mine.

Along one of the roads from Cripple Creek to Victor there's this cool observation area where you can look into part of the mine that's there. You get to stand on the bed of one of the dump trucks they use in the mine. They are huge, I think three of my minivan could be parked side by side. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of it. The mine was my focus on this set of pictures.
Millions of years ago there was a huge volcano that went extinct. The present mine is in the center of that extinct volcano. Lot's of gold became infused in the rock surrounding the lava dome which has been mined for over 100 years. In the first picture you can see part of that lava dome.
I was going to do a panorama with the first three images. However, I can't easily do that with the computer, and the photo software, that I have available. Of course, my Canon SLR doesn't have that nice panorama setting the Fuji had.

The colors of the rock is quite beautiful in this image. I'll be uploading this one to Viewbug soon. All of the holes will be filled with explosives which will be set off. The rock will be taken away, and crushed. The gold within will be extracted.

This image I did upload to Viewbug. The rock is quite beautiful. Without the destruction of mining it wouldn't have every been seen.

This is a slightly wider angle of the same scene.

The next three images are rather blah I'll admit.

That's it for now. Have a great day.

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