Friday, September 30, 2016

Crazyhorse monument

We did make it to the Crazyhorse monument. Earlier in the day we checked into our room and since it wasn't dark yet we decided to run up to Mt. Rushmore. After driving a few miles we found out we were rather close to the Crazyhorse monument. So, we did have a little change of plans.
If you've come in too late to take the bus, which we were, you can get a revisiting pass which allows you one free access during the next three days. Tomorrow I should be posting more images from the next days visit.
Here is one of my first views of the monument itself.

Later, we were going through the museum and came to an observation deck. There's a model of what the finished monument is supposed to look like. I thought it would be cool to get the model, and the monument, in one image.

Susan in front of the model.

At night they do a laser show which we watched. Between sunset, and the laser show, they light up the mountain with colored lights. Of all things the colors are stronger on camera than they are with the naked eye. The lights seems to add an ethereal quality.

While walking through the museum this outfit caught my eye. Amazing workmanship.

We did go to Mt. Rushmore the next day too after we revisited the Crazyhorse monument. I'll have pictures to post from both over the next couple of days. Some of those are better than these in my opinion.
Have a great day and try to enjoy yourself.

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