Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keep clear

When hunting for a job it's easy to let yourself get frustrated, I've been there myself a few times. I remember well thinking about the coming bills and wondering how I was going to pay for them. Also I was sending out a lot of resumes and not getting responses from anyone. It seemed like I was sending my resumes into a black hole and it was very frustrating for me. When I changed my attitude however that began to change and I began to get responses from employers.

Your attitude affects many things including how you write and how talk to people. It affects how you'll also do at interviews and it affects you in so many other ways including your body language. So clear your mind of negative thoughts and the problems you're facing. This is something that I had to do myself, at one time I was very negative and I showed it to everyone. This cost me a lot over the years though I couldn't see it then as the negativity colored my perception.

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