Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weather and the job hunt

I'm looking out of the window at the falling snow today. There isn't much snow falling and it's not accumulating thankfully. This brought me to thinking about how changeable the weather can be this time of year. You need to be prepared for all different weather conditions as you go out on your job hunts.
An umbrella is a useful thing to have, they go well with most interview clothes especially suits. So that you can maximize your umbrella purchase I recommend getting a better quality one. Mine is a Tote's all wind-proof one not that I'm endorsing Tote's umbrella's. The cheap ones do not last and mine came from a second-hand store so I didn't buy it new.
You need to also expect occasional rain falls this time of year. The last thing you need is to show up to the interview soaked through and through. Can you imagine the impression it will make when you hand them your completely soaked resume? So, like always, you need to be prepared also for more extreme weather. Even though they are probably better to have I don't recommend wearing a rain suit or poncho to an interview.
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