Friday, June 29, 2012

Another story idea.

Don't what I'll do with it but this little thing just started coming to me. What a trip to experience it.

Richard awoke in the darkness, sat up in bed and looked around the room. An eerie glow began to coalesce into the middle of the room a few feet away. What at first was just a few wisps became a specter as they began to gather together to begin having some kind of a form. Still, though, quite shapeless in the darkness.

Watching what was happening in front of him he didn’t quite know what he should do. He was far too scared to try to touch it and also too scared to try to run away from the room. Frozen in place and unable to move, Richard sat there staring at the apparition. For some reason he was also unable to blink even, caught up in unspoken horror.


  1. Oh, what a tease!

  2. I'm playing around with some ideas is all for right now.


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