Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I've sat trying to write in a cold house and its not fun. Your fingers just don't like to hit the keys and your thoughts slow down. It's not as fun to watch TV either as you're needing to wear a jacket or a sweater in the house. I don't personally watch much TV, too busy writing these days.

I'll recommend doing your best to winterize your place the best you can. Some of the things to do are kind of annoying but high utility bills can be more annoying. Last year I put in more insulation which paid for itself the first year.

This year, I replaced two old windows. I also added some awnings that I built to the house. There was one main reason for those, to keep the direct sun off of the windows to keep the house cooler. An added benefit will be a bit more warmth this winter, they will help direct the wind away from the windows.

Did you know that windows lose more heat than anything else in your house? If you can afford them you should get double pane windows. If you can't, then get some plastic to stretch across them even if it's a cheap clear plastic drop cloth. Even better in my opinion is that if you're rather handy in a wood shop is to build your own which I will be doing later on.

My wife and I were discussing my making new kitchen cabinets so I'll probably be doing that before the windows. I'll post pictures of that project after I complete it. Actually, it shouldn't be all that much material after I started thinking about it. Probably the worst part of it will be getting the glass home for the upper cabinet doors. I think they'll look really nice though.

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