Tuesday, October 16, 2012


There are a couple of reasons why I need the portability of net book. One of the main reasons is that a bicycle is a main form of transportation. Basically it helps if you can load your entire computer into a small back pack. Just try to carry a full sized laptop around sometime and you’ll value a net book very quickly. I know a few that take the portability even more extreme and write entire books on their iPad with a wireless keyboard. That is really cool when you think about it.

Because of my reliance on a bicycle for transportation I’m also going to the grocery store and a number of other places also. Sometimes I’m carrying quite a bit of weight. The bicycle trailer helps but sometimes I don’t have it with me. One of the things that will occur with so much weight you’re hauling around is broken wheel spokes. They turn out to not be so easy to find on line. Amazon doesn't carry them and after searching many sites I finally found some. Of course most people wouldn't rebuild a bicycle wheel in their spare time like I’m about to do. It will bring back some memories from long ago and far away.

At one time I used to do a bit of semi-professional bicycle racing. Of course that was a lot of years ago. In the places I lived at back then there were bicycle parts everywhere including hanging from the ceiling. Quite the memories when I think back to that time. I’m not sure my wife would put up with a table full of bicycle parts and tools these days.

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