Sunday, October 7, 2012

Creepy story

I've been working on Liturgy recently as some of you may know and its a really creepy story in places. I actually had to stop writing for a bit last night because it creeped me out. The particular scene had a lot of blood in it and I had a big cringe. This story is one where I'm pulling out all of the stops and I hope it scares the hell out of a lot of people.

Writing a horror story like this in not quite like watching a horror movie like "1408" or "Freddie's Back". You're now inside of it and you can almost touch everything you're writing about.

Now it may be changed a little bit but this is the tentative cover for "Liturgy". Might be doing something with the black space around the crystal more than anything. The crystal is one that I actually own, I get the weirdest vibrations from it at times.

This is the description of the story I worked out already, might be changed a little but it gives some insight in what I'm writing.

This story is centered around what can best be described as a demon possessed crystal (basically one from hell). It makes people do very strange things and causes certain paranormal things to happen. Yes, there will be blood dripping down the walls at times, things will levitate without warning and it's a lot of fun to write ;-)


  1. And I finally got around to reading it, Brian. Maybe the crystal is trying to communicate or perhaps it has if your story is so different.

  2. I'm just making a horror story, it's not really trying to communicate per se. Kill people yes but not communicate.


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