Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday today and an even better Christmas.

We don't have much planned at our house. There's a 19 Lb (8.5 Kg) turkey defrosting this morning in the sink. Our refrigerator does a really great job keeping things cold and so it didn't defrost completely even after a couple of days. Last night I made the pies which are presently covered with plastic wrap, also made about 2 dozen biscuits for dinner.

These are the pies I made as they looked fresh out of the oven. The one with the rather rough looking crust is one I made from scratch and the recipe came from my 1896 Fannie Farmer cookbook. Every year I make the pies for Thanksgiving in our house. Last year, I made all of the pie crusts from scratch. (Yes, I like getting in the kitchen once in a while)

This is the turkey for this Thanksgiving that is defrosting at present.

At this moment our cat is complaining, think she's ready for some of the turkey we're fixing later today. Then again, she probably just wants attention or could be wondering what I'm doing home on a weekday.

Between the things Brandy and I will be doing in the kitchen I'll be working on the anthology pieces. Finally have a final release title, it will be called Horror Bent. So far there are six stories that will be included in the set.

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