Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Book reviews

These are reviews for other books, not mine. These are ones I selected for my own personal reading.

Last night I read Into The Flames by Wendy Steele.

This is a great book especially if you don't have a lot of time on your hands. It's possible to read the entire book in a little over an hour. Really excellent imagery has been used throughout in this well written book. It also delves into the characters mindset well. This book is a permanent freebie from what I understand.

(Since I used to do most of my reading while commuting on a city bus being able to have quick reads has been important to me. I hate to say it but I personally am not a fan of novels but that is strictly my own taste. It's also one of the reasons why most of what I write is short stories.)

My other little foray I will talk about here is a really good one.

Pride and Prejudice and Vampires by PJ Jones

OMG, this book is a *&^%$ riot. Can't say I've laughed as hard as I am while reading this one. Of course my sense of humor is a little coarse at times. On top of it, this parody is well written and edited.

One thing I'll add here, you can't go wrong with the 99 cent price tag.

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