Friday, February 1, 2013

My life as an author.

A little over a year ago I decided to try something different, I wrote a book (Get The Job). Since that time I've written numerous books and I've moved from non-fiction to fiction. Presently, I'm focusing on horror and for the foreseeable future I will continue to do so.

I stay really busy writing and here's look at my day. I normally get up around 4 AM, check a number of things including blog visitors and if there were any sales. Quite often do some networking also. About 7:30 AM I head out the door to go to my day job. Yes, I show up early every day but some of my story ideas start while everything is quiet. There I am for at least eight hours and usually get home about 5 PM. That's usually when I do some more networking and then I work on whatever work in progress that I've been in the process of writing. That goes on until 8 PM when I take a little break and read until 9 PM when I go to bed. I do this five days per week.

My days off from my day job? I still get up around 4 AM and start everything like usual. Of course I start writing whatever writing project a lot earlier in the day and mix networking and writing until 8 PM when I begin reading for an hour. I don't watch TV at all these days unless its streaming media (usually Nova) through my laptop.

It might seem to be a rather droll and dreary existence but I assure you I love it. I've become rather addicted to it in fact. Now will I ever become a true best selling author, my book on the New York Times best seller list? Probably not, there are very few that make it on that list to tell you the truth.

Me, I just write what I want to read and I always will. Thankfully, some also have the same taste in reading as I do and I hear it from them. Now I have to get back to writing so have a good day.

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