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Meeting today with Tammie Clarke Gibbs

Behind the Scenes with Author Tammie Clarke Gibbs & the Hero of her new Time Travel Romance, Sworn to Secrecy....

Tammie Clarke Gibbs is the author of the #1 Kindle Best Selling Gothic/Time Travel Romance Island of Secrets which has been consistently on three of the Amazon Best Seller Lists for over eighteen consecutive months. She is the author of three novels and multiple non-fiction titles. Tammie resides with her husband, son, and a very spoiled Maltese in South Georgia. She loves to hear from her fans and can be reached at her website and via email

Thank you for dropping by. I’ve put together just a few questions to help my readers learn a bit more about you and your books.

When did you know you wanted to be a published author? I’d always loved to read, but never thought about writing until I was required to take a short story class in high school, and the teacher discovered I could write. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that a teacher cannot influence a student.  He shared my stories each week with the teachers in the faculty lounge. It was pretty neat, and I guess those teachers were my first fans.
Were there people that encouraged you along the way or did you have to claw your way where you are? I am very fortunate. At every step of the way, I’ve had people who have encouraged me. One of the most notable was Nanscy Neiman a former publisher with Warner Books and Penguin. She went out of her way to help Island of Secrets my debut novel get a read withPenguin/Putnam. Penguin/Putnam.  Nanscy is known for publishing books such as Scarlett, The Celestine Prophecy and The Bridges of Madison County. She is just one of many very talented people who’ve encouraged me.
Is there anything that bugs you about being published? Yes. Finding the time to write is always a challenge. Other than that I love being published.
Some authors don’t like to interact with their readers. What are your thoughts on the subject? That’s not me. What’s a book without a reader? I love interacting with readers and love hearing from them. It makes my day!!
Are you an animal lover? Yes. I’ve always had animals. When I was small I had chicks, rabbits, hamsters, birds, dogs, horses, cats and pretty much anything you could think of. When I had my son, we added an Iguanaand squirrel to the mix.  For now, we have a very spoiled Maltese named Sissy, who thinks she’s a real girl.
Do you have a dedicated office to write in? Yes. Do I write in it? Sometimes. I love the flexibility writing on a laptop affords me. Most days I get comfortable in my recliner and travel to exotic locations. You could say I’m an armchair tourist.
Are you married? Children? Yes. March 22nd we’ll celebrate our 27th Anniversary. His name is Mike, but I call him Michael. We have one son, who is 21.
What have been some of the highlights of your career so far? I've had many. I am so blessed. I have to say the day that Island of Secrets made the #1 Best Seller Spot in Gothic was one of the best!
Scroll down for an excerpt of Tammie's new book SWORN TO SECRECY....

A little something from Tammie: 
Be sure to visit all of the bloggers and authors that are hosting me during the Book Launch Celebration for Sworn to Secrecy for your chance to win prizes and read more about me and my books. I have something special planned with each of them.

During the launch, you can grab a copy for just .99. After March 20th, the price goes to its list price of $3.99.


  An unlikely alliance...a love born from the ashes of adversity....Dak Bartholomew is a US Secret Service agent. When he wakes up locked in a dark room it's just another day until he realizes that he's not alone.

Elizabeth Porter would like nothing more than to plunge her knife through the stranger's heart for all the trouble he's caused.

Together they'll take an unexpected journey to a time and place they could never have imagined and discover a secret they'll be sworn to protect.

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Excerpt of Sworn to Secrecy Copyright Tammie Clarke Gibbs

Dak Bartholomew felt a trickle of blood run a cold wet trail down the side of his face from the open gash at his temple.
He struggled to open his eyes, and after several moments succeeded. Focusing on his surroundings took several more, but eventually, he could see the small, dank-smelling room in more clarity than he even desired.
The only light came from a single window, its pane’s blackened all but for one small section.
He pulled himself off the filthy mattress and felt his way toward the light. The window had been painted from the inside, and it appeared that someone had literally scratched at it until a small stream of light was allowed in from the outside. Instinctively, he reached into his pocket for his knife, but it wasn’t there. Nothing was there.
There was a faint cry from the corner of the room. Startled, Dak stepped back into the darkness.
He felt his way along the bed until he came to what he thought was a wall.
The darkness was deep and black, and the light cut only a sliver through it, leaving the rest of the room engulfed in an ebony sea.
He was weak from having been drugged or loss of blood. He wasn’t sure which. Either would have given him an excuse to forget he wasn’t alone and cower, but the pitiful whimpers stoked within him a steely determination.
“You there,” he called and waited for an answer.
The room was quiet in response. No whimpering. No breathing.
“Are you hurt?” Dak asked this time, and his voice was softer. Still there was no answer.
He took several short steps, feeling his way along the wall in the direction he’d heard the sounds coming from.
“I won’t hurt you,” he said, this time louder. “I…”
Dak felt a dirty hand on his mouth and something sharp at his side.

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