Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rip Tide release

I'm proud to announce my newest release is Rip Tide. 

Footsteps in the darkness...
The skin begins to crawl...
A madman with a blade...
This twisted tale visits the legend and evokes a new set of nightmares. Journey into the realm of horror and the macabre in... 

                                       ...Rip Tide


After double checking the grimoiré he was satisfied everything on the floor was aligned properly. In the brass offering bowl he made sure the dried husks, ground charcoal, grave dirt and other ingredients were ready to be mixed together. He placed the bowl on one of the triangles of the pentagram and elm stick next to it.

Removing all of his clothes he stood in the middle of the arrangement. I sure hope this works tonight. The warmth of the candles felt good on his naked skin. Holding up the book open in one hand he slowly recited the spell as the letters rearranged themselves once again into something he could read. 

A praeteritis ad futura 

Relicto praesens post 

Transferendo ultra 

Centum annos hinc 

No requiem dictum 

Nullum grave ad replendum 

While reciting the spell he leaned towards the offering bowl he began to grind the contents into powder with the elm stick. The scent of the hair burning on his scrotum and inside of his thighs from getting too close to one of the candles he did his best to ignore. Because it was noticeably getting hot there he moved back a little so that his testicles weren’t right over the flame.

Nothing happened for several moments after speaking the incantation and he figured at first that it hadn’t worked. Then the flames of the candles began to lengthen and become brighter. A swirl of wind encircled the room and the pentagram that was etched into the floor. “It’s working!” he whispered in his fevered excitement.

Faster and faster the wind moved in gusts until it began to roar. Jeremy imagined what it was to be like inside of a tornado as anything loosened was picked up and became part of the growing maelstrom. His eyes grew wide as he watched his percolator get picked up from the stove and began to zip around him faster and faster. Wet coffee grounds sprayed all over the wall and bottom of the bed. Then he watched the oil lamp sail by, drips of oil fell off to splatter on the wall.

A dense swirling fog began to form in the middle of the pentagram and enveloped Jeremy as he stood there. He coughed at the acrid taste on his lips and tongue. In his amazement the room became indistinct as it appeared to be covered with a white haze. Uttering unintelligible sounds he began to be stretched into wispy tendrils that extended towards the floor. The effect reminded him a moment of sand in an hourglass and then the thought disappeared. It scared him a moment when he started to see through his hand as the offering bowl fell and became part of the swirling tempest. The roaring continued to increase until it became a loud shriek. All the rest of his body stretched downwards toward the floor boards. Pain momentarily registered as the knife handle grew large and the room disappeared. All had become darkness to his vision. Attempting to move he found that he couldn’t, he was now held in place.

Available here in ebook and will be available soon at B&N, Sony, Kobo and many other places.

Available here in print

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