Friday, April 26, 2013

Robert Langdon Series.

I've been reading Dan Brown's entire "Robert Langdon" series in order.

They are:

"Angels and Demon's"

"The DaVinci Code"

"The Lost Symbol"

It's quite interesting especially now that I write fiction. I'm finding the many elements to be quite fascinating. There are secret societies, puzzles, fantastic chases and new technologies. He's even created really likable individuals like professor Langdon that is the main character.

One of the primary elements is of course Masonic beliefs. It's in every one of the books of the series including, "The Lost Symbol." I would hazard a guess that it's also in the one that's getting released soon which is Inferno.

It might upset some, but Dan may have some of the origins of the US right. The "all men are created equal" line in the bill of rights came from Masonic tradition. After all, the founding fathers of this nation were Masons first and foremost. Christianity was not something primary for them. The bits about the separation of church and state? That had to do more with the stupidity of having to attend a specific church like happened in most of Europe. If you didn't go to the church the ruler proscribed you could easily be put to death.

Much of the story line stretches believability until it almost breaks. Even so, I'm really enjoying reading the whole series. It may be a while until I read the new book but eventually I will read it I assure you.

Yes, I do have a favorite and it's, "Angels and Demons." Did find the almost constant references to female genitalia in "The DaVinci Code" to be rather tedious as I read along. I'm kind of wondering if he didn't need to get laid while writing that book but I digress a little there.

Until next time, have a great day and happy reading.

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