Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gardening this spring

One thing I love more than anything is writing out on our porch. Having a lovely bit of color is of an added benefit as is watching the bees, moths and birds when they come to feed.

This year I figure we were going to have watering restrictions. Well, it happened. Luckily I planned ahead for any drought. Throughout the entire garden I wove 100' (30m) of soaker hoses. We just plant everything we want within about a hands width from the hose. In the picture is one section with some of the lettuce that's started coming up. It kind of works like a drip irrigation system which is great. A lot less water is used and more of it gets to where it needs to go which is the roots.It also makes life that much easier as all we do now is turn on the faucet and everything we're growing gets watered in one shot. You're a busy individual, like I am, set one of these up.

For our anniversary I got Brandy a couple of things that are a little different. For years, I assure you, she will remember it. One, is this very pretty azalea. According the little tag it should grow about four feet high and about four feet wide. About three feet away I have the blue wisteria planted which it's coming along nicely. New sprigs are showing all over it, can't wait to see the blooms on it. There will be a wonderful pink and blue juxtaposition and profusion of color. 

The other is that rose bush you see in the upper left of this photo. Apparently, it's supposed to produce coral  pink flowers. The other rose bush in the lower left is the one we've been having grow for one year and it's just started budding. We're also growing the tomatoes in this part of the yard also.

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