Friday, May 10, 2013

Rip Tide Excerpt

Jeremy Downes had been very busy earlier during the wee hours of the morning. The act of relieving those two women of their suffering had been such a liberating experience for him. Excitement surged in his veins with the thrill of it all as he was caught up in the fervor. Closing his eyes, he could see everything so very clearly that had happened. As the dawn arrived, since he was still awake, he had brewed a pot of coffee in the porcelain percolator. Now he was sitting at the table drinking the contents, emptying the pot while he relived the fascinating events over and over, both of the women in one night.
Later today, he would pick up one of the newspapers and find out that the names of the most recent ones were Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes. It seemed the papers couldn’t get enough of the macabre and the sensational. The more sensational they could find the better it seemed to be for them. The headlines would shout out in large print the dramatic events of the previous day.
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Madman on the loose!
 While it didn’t matter what their names were, he just felt it was always good to put a name to the faces that were now indelibly etched upon his memories. Every time he closed his eyes he would see them again and could even talk to them including the others earlier that weren’t known about. Previously, he had met them and had obtained their services while out on one of his many nightly jaunts. His restless soul drove him to walk late at night through Whitechapel when he couldn’t sleep which was often. Just about every weekend as far back as he could remember was a sleepless one.

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